15 creative ideas to create a beautiful landscaped space for your pool area.

When spring passes, it’s time for hot summer days to come back again! There is nothing better than enjoy a day at the pool in those hot days, right? The pool is an ideal place where you get great things of life, feeling the cool water, the gentle breeze, or the ray of sunlight in the early morning! It’s a dream life that everyone will want to have. So don’t hesitate, it’s time to turn it into a relaxing oasis with our creative landscaping ideas today.

When it comes to relaxing, you will imagine your bedroom, or your bathroom firstly. But they aren’t the only choice when you are owning a pool. These ideas here surely will inspire you. You will have happy moments with your family at the right of your house. They are also perfect for small parties or gatherings at weekend.

#1 Lovely and Low-Maintenance

#2 Lush Oasis

#3 Contain Yourself

#4 Tropic-Cool

#5 Bed Head

#6 Clean and Green

#7 Follow Your Nose

#8 Hedge Your Bets

#9 Design by Mother Nature

#10 Asian Fusion

#11 Privacy Palms

#12 Above-Ground Glamour

#13 Checkers, Anyone?

#14 Moroccan Spice

#15 A Study in Contrast



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