20 stunning photos to inspire your flower garden design plans.

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20 Inspirational Garden Flower Photos – Garden Lovers Club

8-9 minutes 31/10/2015

No matter what you plan on doing with your garden, how you want to shape it, or what ways you’ll shape it to your sense of style, you will be interacting with flowers on a regular basis. These beautiful plants are the very essence of gardens themselves, the reason for their being.

We often discuss the minutiae of home gardening in terms of shaping, containing, and defining the garden itself in artistic and utilitarian terms, but we rarely zoom in for a close look at what exactly goes into those gardens. While it’s great to have an arsenal of DIY tricks up our sleeves, it’s important to remember why we’re here in the first place.

So without further ado, we’re going to delve into some of our favorite garden flower photos, showcasing these delicate, gorgeous wonders in their natural habitat. Keep an eye out for the flowers that particularly catch your eye, as you might want to fill your own garden with these delicate wonders.

1. Pink Roses on a Trellis Archway

What we love most about this pairing is the exquisite contrast between bright pink roses, dark green foliage, and the pristine white of the trellis archway itself. The flowers appear in just the right amount to catch the eye, but not overwhelming.

2. Mailbox And Mums

We absolutely love the idea of putting some of our favorite flowers up front and out in the open for everyone to appreciate. Surrounding the mailbox with a burst of color is one of the simplest and most effective ways to change the entire look of your landscape from the street view.

3. Repurposed Fountain Garden

As we’ve shown before, we love unique container garden ideas. This massive birdbath has transformed into something far more useful and beautiful for us humans to appreciate, surrounded by colorful perennials and a ring of rich greenery. Sure, it may not be a welcome respite for our feathered friends, but it makes for an excellent garden centerpiece.

4. Garden Bursts In Front Yard

While most gardens appear tucked away in backyards around the world, this lush lawn features appearances by a variety of bright flowers, including Gerber daisies, geraniums, Japanese maple, impatiens, and more. They add an element of unmatched contrast and warm detail to the lawn.

5. Snap Dragons, Violets, Poinsettias, and Panseys

Here’s another great example of an unframed garden bursting right from the vast green lawn. The organically shaped spray of colors includes some of the boldest color contrast and variety of flowers that we’ve yet seen, and absolutely completes the landscape.

6. Mums, Ornamental Cabbage, Pansys, and Matthiola

We love the way a subtle variety of colorful bulbs can complement and complete an ornate garden fence. The white pickets here are framed by the glow of greenery, purple, and orange flowers in a way that no manmade decoration can match.

7. Roses Standing Out

They may be the most famous flowers, and for good reason: roses are truly outstanding creations. Their brightly colored and intricately layered petals grasp for attention even amongst the most beautiful of their peers. This carefully crafted landscape of lawn and curved flower beds makes for a perfect example.

8. Tulips, Paperwhites, and Grape Hyacinth

If you’ve got a walking path through your garden or yard, you owe it to yourself to consider lining it with tulips and other tall flowers. They create the perfect corridor for making your way through the landscape, adding contrast, color, and a guiding visual for anyone spending time in the yard.

9. Bamboo Bench and Impatiens

We’ve got to admit it: we love this bamboo garden bench! It could probably fit in perfectly in almost any garden, but surrounded by a thick layer of impatiens, it’s utterly sublime. Use thick flowers like these to distinguish the different areas of your garden.

10. Tricycle Container Garden Full of Wave Petunias

Quirky, unique, and ornate container gardens are some of our favorite gardening designs and projects. Whether DIY or store bought, they add a fresh layer of purpose and utility to any garden. Petunias are popular, short flower that comes in dozens of vibrant color combinations.

11. Petunia Baskets With Boston Ivy

Well-placed ivy can absolutely transform a wall, home, or any other structure. It adds a sense of weighted history, a burst of lush color, and playfulness that manmade accouterments can’t match. This slim garden is bursting with variety, enhancing an already gorgeous scene.

12. Impatiens Islands

If you love stone garden paths as much as we do, you’ll know that they do best when framed with a well-manicured lawn or garden. This landscape makes the best of both worlds by dotting the surrounding grass with little islands of color in the form of impatiens.

13. Mums and Pink Daisy, with Vinca

This sublime little pocket-sized garden is full to the brim with a variety of petal types and colors, framed perfectly by a miniature white picket fence. We love intricate touches like this, reminding us that small scale detail is just as important as the big picture.

14.  Multicolored Flowers Surrounding Backyard Pond

Surrounding this backyard garden pond and waterfall feature is an absolute cornucopia of gorgeous flowers. We’ve got Coleus in burgundy, Gerbera daisies out front, pink germaniums, ageratum in purple, spider plant hanging its long leaves, plus some ivy in the way back that helps frame the entire presentation.

15. A Burst of Salvia

In a cozy backyard garden flush with rich greenery from the ground on up the fence, we see a splash of salvia bursting at the center. The soft hues add contrast and attraction to this space, perfect for lounging in the shade with beautiful surroundings.

16. A Lone Statue Amidst The Flowers

When you’ve got big beautiful plants like these, sometimes the best strategy is to simply step back and let them shine. If you want to add some manmade detail though, you can’t go wrong with a subtle statue or two. The combination of colors is absolutely stunning, containing both jewel colors and pastels.

17. Lavender, Framing Daisies, Violets, and Spanish Moss

If you love container gardening, you’ll want to pick the right flowers for the right size. This gorgeous window planter is the perfect space to plant daisies and violets, making a colorful splash right outside your home that can be appreciated both indoors and out.

18. Scarecrow Hanging Out With Black-Eyed Susans and Heliotrope

High contrast is sometimes the best way to go when placing different flowers side by side. Here we’ve got gorgeous bright yellow black-eyed Susans surrounded by plush purple heliotropes, for the perfect exercise in contrasting colors. They certainly make the scarecrow feel at home!

19. Bamboo Wrapped Perennials

We love the little bespoke bamboo fencing that wraps this garden, perfectly cut pieces wrapped in rope for an elegant defining solution. If you want to frame your garden in a natural yet highly crafted way, there are few better options.

20. Container Gardening On A Wall

On the exterior of this rustic styled home, we see a bold array of container gardens mounted to the windows and lining the walking path. Here we see wave petunias in most of the boxes, geraniums on the far right, and even some sedum. Remember, even if you don’t have traditional gardening space, you can make it work well.

We hope you’ve enjoyed our gallery of beautifully inspiring flowers that could fill out your very own garden at home. We’ve chosen only the very best of commonly available flowers, things we see in our own gardens and those of our friends. These are all readily available and waiting to brighten your home.


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