20 unique and creative gardening ideas to relax and boost creativity.

Your garden or backyard should be your oasis. Whether you want a place to relax and unwind after a long day at work or a lovely area to entertain on weekends, your imagination is your only limit. Many people think that having a small space means they are bound to only the simplest of decorating features, but it simply is not true.

This list of twenty gorgeous garden ideas has something to appeal to every sensibility. Whether you want a riotously colorful flower garden or a romantic place for summer nights, find your perfect inspiration here.

Personally, number four is perfect for my idea of a relaxing oasis. The lovely little pond can be scaled up or down to create a beautiful focal point that will impart a feeling of peace and serenity.

If you tend to do a lot of entertaining, number twelve may be more your speed. A beautifully manicured lawn with a lot of space for guests is key, while carefully chosen flower bushes lend privacy and incredibly colors. Try tall hedges in place of traditional fences to keep your garden feeling safe and secure without sacrificing the beauty of nature.

Take a look at these twenty fantastic garden ideas – many of which can be implemented in spaces of all sizes and shapes – and find your perfect backyard sanctuary. Mix and match ideas to create something that is both uniquely your own and will appeal to a wide range of people.

Large lawns are perfect for kids and animals, especially when combined with adult seating areas and entertainment areas. Let’s take a look at some of the most beautiful and versatile gardens on earth!

1. Calm and Colorful Stream

There’s nothing more calming than the sound of a stream. With river rocks and tall grasses surrounding it, this stream is like something out of a dream. Choose calming colors like blues and pale purples to complete the serene effect.

2. Eco-Friendly Seating Area

For the ultimate in eco-friendly garden furniture, go with grass-covered chairs and a table. Not only do they tie in perfectly with the hedges and multi-colored flowers, but they are a guaranteed conversation piece.

3. Well-Lit Walkways

For a front lawn, having a well-lit and comfortable garden makes your home inviting. Make large, grass-filled spaces come alive with lit-up walkways and a beautiful lamppost. A bench gives you a place to sit and enjoy your surroundings both day and night.

4. Fairy Tale Pond

Building a small, rock outlined pond with walkways and bridges takes your garden from ordinary to fantasy-like. It will attract frogs and other wildlife, giving you the sounds of nature every time you venture outdoors. This is a look that can be achieved in many different spaces, simply by scaling the size up or down.

5. Romantic Flower Beds

While flower beds containing just one type of flower can be a bit boring, shaping them into hearts creates a romantic, fun effect. This can be replicated with other designs or even words. Play around with different flowers and effects for a quirky garden that’s all your own.

6. Inviting Walkway

When entertaining, you want to create an inviting space. With soft lighting and well-planned flora, this garden path will make your guests feel instantly at home. Tall trees not only give shade during the day, but provide lighting opportunity when wrapped with fairy lights.

7. Private Entertainment Area

Al fresco dining is very popular right now. A small, shaded entertainment area set back from the house is all you need to enjoy a meal or a get-together while shutting out the demands of everyday life. Adding a water feature makes it even more calming and provides a beautiful focal point.

8. Quirky, Comfortable Hideaway

What’s more relaxing than having a private reading nook? Building one in your garden. Surround yourself with comfortable pillows and the beauty of nature with an enclosed chair and colorful throw pillows.

9. A Blooming Rainbow

This garden is perfect for those who enjoy flowers but want a little variety. Group small amounts of different blooms together for a look that is at once cohesive and a little chaotic (in the best possible way). Combine various heights and colors for maximum enjoyment.

10. Rustic Bench

If you have a garden full of different types of plants, keep the rustic feeling going with a natural wooden bench, tucked away in a flowery nook. It’s a less jarring look than a metal bench and lends an air of historic simplicity to even the most complex gardens.

11. Wilderness in Bloom

This may be too much for some people, but if you enjoy the “overgrown” look while still being able to find a place to sit, think about hanging flowers and trellises to surround yourself with beauty and fragrance. Slip a comfortable bench under your hanging flowers and relax.

12. Private Relaxation Area

Your garden should be inviting, but also designed around your needs. With a comfortable seating area and large lawn, this is perfect for entertaining, but the large bushes also keep prying eyes away when you want a little personal time.

13. Artistic Walkway

For the creative type, making your own garden pathway is a great way to let your vision shine. Painted or stamped stones make a fun and quirky walkway all your own. Adding pieces around your garden is also a great way to enjoy both nature and art.

14.Classic and Private

This is a great design for a large garden facing neighbors or a busy street. The trees give a classic look without being overpowering, and a high fence or wall will shield your garden from view while blocking out some sound.

15. Garden Maze

This design is definitely not for the faint of heart! If you’re looking for a garden that has a huge “wow-factor”, look no further than a maze. It’s fun for children as well as adults and is both pleasing to the eye and nose.

16. Traditional Pathway

Despite being traditional, a walkway lined with incredible flowers is anything but boring. Combine your favorite blooms for a look that is delightfully overgrown without being neglected. This would look superb with antiqued cobblestones, as well.

17. Miniature Potted Worlds

If you’re looking to brighten a tiny garden, how about constructing tiny fantasy worlds in containers? Small succulents and moss keep it green while miniature houses and accessories keep the look light-hearted and fun. This would be a great project for children to help with.

18. Indoor Oasis

For the beauty of a garden all year, building a greenhouse is perfect. You can enjoy your blooms rain or shine and keep more delicate plants protected from the elements. The glass provides a ton of natural light and a stone walkway brings the outdoors in.

19. Gnome’s Paradise

How fun is this setup? Children especially will love peeking at the little gnome with his windmill home. It echoes the wooden playhouse quite well and preserves a sense of whimsy without being too childish.

20. Topiary Playground

This is another look for a large space. The pyramid topiaries and large stones are imposing, but make for a pleasant area to walk around and enjoy the beauty of nature crafted to your desires.


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