8 Profound Life Lessons Horses Teach Us: Unveiling the Wisdom That Touches Our Hearts

Over the years humans have done tremendous work on teaching and preparing horses for different disciplines, such as dressage, barrel racing, show jumping, polo, endurance riding, etc. We have always applauded and appreciated the great work these horse trainers have done to teach and take proper care of our beloved creatures. But we also have to admit, that humans have also learned so many valuable lessons from horses. It is now a recognized fact that humans and horses can learn from each other so many things. In case you didn’t know, horses can be excellent teachers too and teach us so many important life lessons that we should acknowledge. Below we have prepared an interesting list with some of the most valuable lessons we have learned from horses. Keep reading to find them out!

1.Live in the moment

Horses are the happiest creatures on earth. They don’t worry about anything and focus all their energy on positive things. We should follow their example, to enjoy and value their time more and just live in the moment.

I’m pretty sure that all horse owners have experienced this. We hate getting dirty whilst for horses this is one of their preferred activities. They simply love mud and getting dirty. If you happen to notice a horse covered in mud be convinced that he is having the time of his life. Just like horses, we should do more of what makes us happy and not worry about what other people think.

Horses are considered the masters of forgiveness. This is considered the most impressive feature of every horse. You can mess up in a lot of ways such as putting them at a bad distance to a fence and they will still forgive you the next time around.  Even if you pull them off balance by mistake, they will yet continue on. They are a perfect example for every human and I’m pretty sure it would be very effective if we learned to forgive half as willingly as horses do. Many people have treated them very bad and horses still have shown that they have a pure heart by forgiving them. In several riding schools, horses are giving tutorings in forgiveness, which is absolutely exceptional!

4.Friends for a lifetime

All horse lovers agree that these adorable creatures will always be by your side if you simply treat them with kindness and honor! It is in their nature to be very loyal and without a doubt, they will be your best friends and stay with through thick and thin. They are also very gentle and kind to each other, for example, a blind horse is always matched with another horse, so he could supervise and take care of him.

5.Horses are very honest

Horses are some of the fairest creatures out there. You’ll always understand their true intentions because they are honest and never lie about anything. They show their feelings in the most truthful way and the world would be a safer place if people learn to be honest, just like horses are!

6.Body language/Non-verbal communication

Even though they don’t have the ability to talk, horses are, surely, masters at understanding body language. If they feeling endangered, a horse will move away to safer ground; thereby stimulating its natural ‘fight or flight’ defense mechanism. This is also very true in our everyday situations. If the tone of someone’s communication does not agree with their body language, then you should use an equine method, e.g. stand and question the speaker about their non-verbal messages (fight), or depart from the situation, before it becomes too difficult (flight).

7.Horses are very serene

All horse owners accept the fact that just being with a horse helps them to be calm and feel safer. Non-horse people doubted this, but now there is a scientific response behind this fact. Research implies that a horse’s heart (nine times bigger than ours) holds a strong electromagnetic field that can affect human emotions whenever they are very close to each other. This physiological effect can benefit humans in many ways; reducing blood pressure, decreased anxiety and enhanced feelings of social empowerment.


In the same way horses are patient with us we also should learn to be calm whenever we are working with these majestic animals. Every new change takes time, therefore your horse firstly demands to understand what you require, then they need to be agreeable to it.


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