Adding color and joy to your living space: Pink Bonsai Planting Ideas to Decorate Your Home — Plants with splashes or pops of pink will look great in your home. They’ll make a lovely and adorable statement wherever you put them. Pink splash plants are not all expensive and difficult to care for, but some are low-maintenance plants. Here are some popular houseplants with a pink accent that you won’t want to miss.

Tradescantia fluminensis tricolor




Get a Tradescantia flumensis tricolor for your living space. It is a fast-growing plant that is easy to care for. This plant is very pretty to use as a hanging plant. The leaves come in three colors: green, white striped, and sweet variegated pink. Tradescantia flumensis can produce white blooms, which adds to its beauty.

Caladium – Heart of Jesus Plant

This caladium is known as the ”Heart of Jesus Plant” thanks to its heart-shaped leaves in brilliant patterns and colors. The remarkable pink splashes will look great in any interior or outdoor setting. This plant grows well in shade or bright, indirect light. Keep it away from the harsh afternoon sun or extreme heat, as it will scorch its papery leaves.

Pink Pilea Microphylla Variegata


Pink pilea microphylla variegata has tiny, rounded leaves with splashes of green, white, or pink. This tiny plant can also produce tiny flowers in adorable whitish pink splashes. Pilea variegata tolerates dryness, but you can water it frequently. This cute plant can be used as a plant element for terrarium art.

Callisia repens – Pink Lady

It doesn’t take much space for this pink lady of Callisia repens. The plant has a small foliage shape that grows creeping or bushy, and takes up little space. More direct sunlight or lots of bright indirect light will intensify the pink color of Callisia repens. Ideal care will also make the leaves so dense and compact.

Philodendron Pink Princess

As the name implies, this philodendron produces variegated pink on its green leaves. The pink color stands out and sets it apart from other philodendron. You must provide it with plenty of light and moisture, as well as consistent watering and fertile, well-drained soil. Give this philodendron bright indirect light for at least 8 hours to make its color more pink.

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