Beyond Riding: The Profound Bond Between Horse and Rider – 10 Truths Only True Equestrians Can Grasp

The bond between a horse and an equestrian is truly unbreakable. It seems like only horses are capable of understanding our feelings and make us feel better than anyone else. It is very easy to recognize us because we are always near horses but there are some more signs that prove that you are a real equestrian at heart. Do you agree with this list? Tell us other signs in the comment section below.

You like the smell of a barn

As soon as a normal person goes into a barn they are immediately bothered by the smell. On the contrary, we can’t understand their reaction because we simply love that smell, the hay, the horse, even the manure. You’re a pure equestrian if that smell compares to heaven in your mind.

 You have tried your horse’s supplements or mineral block.

We can’t control ourselves because we want to make sure that our horse is eating all the right things. Just bear in mind, equestrians, the apple-flavored electrolytes may smell like apples, but they surely don’t taste like them.

You watch every horse movie and recognize all the horse breeds

Whenever a horse movie pops up on the TV, we feel like it’s our job to watch it, even if we have seen it 10 times before. We also can help but shout out the name of the breed every time one pops up on the big screen. It’s not our fault we know them all!

Most of the images on your phone and social media accounts have your horse in them.

Ain’t nobody got time for selfies! But we sure got plenty of time to take photos of our beloved horses and share them at every social media account possible just so we can show them off to the world. Everyone deserves their daily dose of horses on the internet.

You’ve drawn hay in your car.

If you own a car then without a doubt there will be hay and a bunch of other horse-related things. We are 100% sure about this fact! You never forget to wrap a present for your horse every Christmas. Your horse may be one of the most significant creatures in your life, therefore they deserve a stocking at Christmas with wrapped presents under the tree, just like our family members and our close friends.

 When anyone mentions frogs, you ask what’s wrong with their horse’s hoof

As soon as you hear the word “frog”, you immediately jump into the conversation and start asking questions about their horse’s frog, only to find out they were talking about the frogs in biology class.

When you take off your phone case, an entire bunch of hay falls out

We can’t deny that horses need a lot of time and dedication. Activities such as feeding, grooming, riding, covering, drowning, exercising and a bunch of other stuff, take most of your time and when you finally find the moment to re-enter your social life, your phone screen may be coated in spit and dust, as well as a bundle of hay shoved into all the cuts.

You’re stronger than your non – equine friends

Every horse owner has fallen off at a specific moment in their life but still has had the confidence to get back on. We’ve all slipped off these creatures, sometimes into fences and sometimes into barrels. It’s something you can avoid when you decide to ride horses, at some point you are going to fall off your horse. You’re continually covered in scars and bruises and have the occasional broken bones. But all these things, have only made us stronger than we were before!

You’re more confident – and silly– than you were before you started riding

You’re ready to jump barriers as tall as you or participate in events even when it is the most inconvenient time in your life. You most likely know horse lovers who have done some unusual extreme sports and equestrians who have even tried impossible things like jump riding backward. It seems like nothing scares us anymore. Well, as much as we hate to admit it courage and stupidity go hand and hand.

The best someone can give you is horse tack or items for your horse.

I am pretty sure that all the equestrians comprehend that tack and good turnout blankets aren’t very affordable. So, one of the best ways to get the most suitable products for your horse that you can’t afford is to ask for it as a present for your birthday or Christmas.


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