Boυпdless Creativity: A Father’s Joy as His Soп Embarks oп Imagiпative ‘Vagoпile’ Adveпtυres with Photoshop Eпchaпtmeпt

If a well-Photoshopped photo makes you laugh, then get ready for a few laughs. Matt MacMillan has used his talents as a photo editor to create some artwork featuring his premature son. His first foray into Photoshopping babies occurred when his daughter, Ella, was one month old. He created a series of images showing the newborn playing sports and the results were hilarious. Matt wanted to do the same when his son, Ryan, was born. As Matt explained on Bored Panda, Ryan was born nine weeks premature. He weighed just under 3 pounds. During their six weeks in the NICU, Matt and his wife decided to look for the positive. They joked that Ryan was not premature, but “advanced.” The joke gave Ryan the idea for a series of photos with his premature son, showing him doing “manly” adult things to combat the notion that premature babies are somehow weak. The photos took a bit of work, but the results are just plain hilarious and absolutely worth every minute Matt and his wife put into the project.

Matt and Alyssa MacMillan have two beautiful children. At the time of Matt’s positively inspired foray into creative children’s photography and Photoshop, Ella was just 6 months old and absolutely adorable.

Matt started playing around with editing his children’s photos even more once his premature son Ryan turned 6 months old. He was coming up with some pretty fun ideas, like this photo of a cool kid skating.

Baby Ryan was born nine weeks premature. He spent the first six weeks of his little life in the NICU before he was able to go home. What a scary and difficult time for Matt and Alyssa it must have been.

During their time in the NICU, Matt and Alyssa joked that the preemie was not premature, but “advanced.” That joke inspired the photos Matt later created, using Ryan as his adorable baby model.

Matt wrote about his experience creating the hilarious images in a post for Bored Panda. He explained his process to people in simple terms. Some shots were obviously more difficult to put together than others.

“Each session took around 15-20 minutes. Most of the work is in the configuration and editing. First, I had to make accessories and find outfits for most of the images,” she explained. This image of the card table is so much fun!

Ryan is already growing so fast! You can hardly recognize the happy 6-month-old boy from the look of him in Matt’s series. You can bet he’ll love these photos when he’s grown up!


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