Discover the allure of Bellis perennis – Make your garden stand out with a collection of edible cut flowers in bloom

Information on Growing Bellis Perennis – Common Daisy — Bellis perennis, the most common species of daisy, is a plant related to daisies. It is commonly found in yards with both cool and warm climates. This bellis is a collection of edible cut flowers that bloom. In this review, you can learn more about Bellis perennis:

Concerning Bellis Perennis


Bellis perennis, also known as the common aster, is a perennial plant native to Europe and Asia. It produces small white and pink flowers and grows only 6 – 12 inches tall. It thrives on balconies and windowsills. Furthermore, bellis perennis is a popular medicinal plant used as an anti-inflammatory and in the formulation of skin care products.

Requirements for bellis perennis



To plant daisies, choose a location that receives 5 to 6 hours of direct sunlight per day. Planting them in the shade may restrict their growth and flowering.



Bellis perennis is a plant that prefers soil high in organic matter, such as compost or manure. This plant thrives in clay soil, with the addition of sand or perlite to improve drainage.



Bellis perennis prefers moist soil to waterlogged soil. It cannot be overwatered because this will cause it to rot. Water it on a regular basis, but not every day.



Fertilize your lawn in the early spring before new growth begins. This plant grows actively by maximizing nutrient utilization, so use a well-balanced and diluted liquid fertilizer.

Disease and pests


This plant is resistant to pests and diseases in general. It is not, however, resistant to aphids and slugs. Check on a regular basis and spray pest repellent on the leaves.

Bellis perennis applications


Without realizing it, bellis perennis is also very useful for a variety of purposes. Traditional medicine uses it as a digestive medicine, to treat respiratory tract infections, and to treat skin conditions. as aromatherapy, cosmetic mixtures, and as a land cover and trail border.

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