Discover the most beautiful varieties of Begonia Maculata to decorate your room with amazing begonia flowers


7 Beautiful Begonia Maculata Varieties for Plant Display — Find the best begonia As an additional collection, maculata varieties are fantastic for house plants. You should be familiar with beautiful, eye-catching, and loving begonias. Their lovely motifs will be the perfect addition to the room. Check out some of the incredible types listed below:


Begonia White Ice

This white ice begonia is a type of hardy begonia. The leaves are dark green with silvery white spots. The colors are bright, contrasting, and appealing. Its small size makes it an excellent choice for smaller spaces.

Begonia flamingo queen


This begonia is a delicate perennial that is grown for its attractive and colorful appearance. It can be grown as a hanging basket outdoors, in pots, or in the ground. This upright flamingo begonia has many pink flowers and green leaves.

Begonia Raddi


Begonia maculata raddi has smaller spots than other types. The leaves are also more contrasting, require less care, and require both direct and indirect light throughout the day. Keep it lovely as a tropical plant for home décor.

Begonia Freddie


Begonia Freddie is a leaf rhizome with rounded leaves and a glossy green top. It blooms all year with bright pink flowers. This plant looks great in a large container that can stand up to 3 feet tall. It prefers well-drained soil and consistent watering.

Begonia Silverspot


spot of silver The maculata begonia is an upright begonia with large, green wing leaves. Silvery spot with a maroon backside. These begonias thrive in soil that has been thoroughly dried, as well as in high humidity and direct light.

Begonia Maculata


Polka-dot Maculata Begonia is a fascinating and highly sought-after plant. The leaves are hait-shaped, with parchment specks and crimson highlights. This plant is native to the Brazilian rainforest, which provides warmth, moisture, and plenty of light.

Begonia Tamaya


The Begoniaceae family has leaves that are nearly identical to those of other plants. Speck leaves with white to pink hanging flowers. This tough South American plant resembles a miniature tree. It requires little care and grows just like a tropical shrub plant.

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