DIY potted plants help you save money and bring beauty to your home with 20 unique ideas

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You had beautiful houseplants! But have you ever had planters suitable for the beauty of your plants? If you haven’t already, find some ideas in this article today. Here are 20 DIY houseplant pot ideas that you can easily make at home instead of buying them outside. Of course you protect your budget. Check them out with us.

If you scroll down slowly and look at them, you will see that they are all so pretty and beautiful, right? Each has its own beauty and we are sure you will choose a few for your plants. You can paint them or make them out of other materials, even you can use your old hard drive from a long time ago. Save them and make some for your plant right now!

#1 DIY pretty planters

Spray white paint on terracotta pots and draw cute faces with permanent markers.

#2 Pretty lace flower pots

All you need is a tip, glue, scissors, terracotta pots and plants of your choice to make this DIY.

#3 DIY handmade clay pots

Oven baking clay can be perfectly used to form beautiful planters like this one for growing succulents.

#4 Terracotta pots with gold leaf

You can completely change the look of your pots with gold leaf.

#5 Clothespin Planters

Wooden clothespins can be snapped together to make small and cute tabletop planters.

#6 Concrete and Gold DIY Flower Pots

Here’s a great DIY to make these beautiful pots for multiple plants in your home.

#7 Gem Plant Pot

If you love Like Bling, you can make this pot of gems of different colors.

#8 Marbled Terracotta Pots

One of the most elegant planters on this list can be made using acrylic paint, a brush, and plastic cloth.

#9 Sharpie Dot DIY Flower Pots

You’ll be surprised to see how you can change the look of your pots with letter stickers and oil-based markers.

#10 DIY Easy Planter Makeover

This one is a little different and uses Sugru to add beauty to the pots.


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