Green Paradise In The Backyard – Great Place to Release Stress and Relax With Unique Design Ideas — Having a garden and also a relaxing place around the house will of course be a fun spot and a beautiful view for those of you who enjoy it. The landscape view that you have around the house will, of course, provide added value both in terms of beauty and function. For some ideas that you can apply, see the following review regarding Landscaping Ideas – 7 Beautiful Garden and Relaxing Corner in Your Area.

Elongated garden


This first garden design looks beautiful by utilizing the edge area that seems to be a fence for the backyard. Even though the area is not large, the plants are well arranged to be a composition that enhances the appearance of the home area.

Minimalist pergola


It has a beautiful landscape with various interesting spots, this backyard is also used as a garden equipped with a pergola. The pergola it has is in a minimalist design with wood, which is then equipped with some furniture for comfort while relaxing.

Domination of rock


Not much is used in this backyard as a garden, but the landscaping still looks charming with dominating small rocks. By using these small rocks will make the absorption of water more leverage and keep the area around it clean.

Vegetable garden


This fairly spacious backyard is well-used not only as a fresh garden, but also equipped with a white pergola as a relaxing place. You also don’t have to plant ornamental plants in your garden, instead you can plant vegetables that you can harvest regularly.

Private relaxing corner


Not always a garden that uses soil planting media directly on plants, you can create a dry garden to complement the freshness of the pergola you have. Make a pergola with a private concept to maximize your relaxing time in the backyard. You can also use it as a gathering place with family and friends.

Minimalist outdoor relaxing area


If you have a little area in the backyard, use it as a relaxing place with a minimalist outdoor concept. You just need to add some benches and a table with potted plants around it to decorate. Use a little roof to make a shady impression on your outdoor atmosphere.

Wooden floor


If you want a clean and tidy look, you can conjure up your backyard with a hardwood floor so that you can make the most of it. You can add a roof that you can use as a relaxing spot, while the part without a roof can be used to place some of your plants.

That’s Landscaping Ideas –  7 Beautiful Garden and Relaxing Corner on the Backyard. for every home that you can make as the best reference. From some designs above, which one is your favorite?

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