Natural interior style: Decorate your home with flowers in vases this spring — Spring has sprung. It’s time for us to beautify our homes with blooming flowers. We can pick spring flowers and put them in a vase. Growing spring flower plants in a water vase is another intriguing option. The second option provides longer flower beauty and enticing natural freshness at home. Check out these flower-growing ideas in water vases!

Red laceleaf

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Why not try a tropical flowering plant like a laceleaf to grow in water vases? This plant also known as anthurium. Laceleaf plant do well in clear water-filled vases. You can place this plant near your windowsill to enhance your window area. The plant will give you a stunning look with its healthy roots, fresh green leaves, and alluring red spathe.

White Anthurium

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At first glance, white anthurium looks like a peace lily plant. But is isn’t! Peace lily and white anthurium have different leaves. Anthurium has glossy green leaves with a beautiful heart shape.

Just like red anthurium, this white one can grows well in water vases. Proper care will trigger the growth of a white spathe that gives elegant beauty wherever it is placed.

Blooming Orchids


Orchid represent the pinnacle of timeless beauty. They can, thankfully, be grown indoors, even in water vases. When you place a blooming orchid in a tabletop aquatic pot like this one, it will adorn your home. Plenty of indirect light is essential for making orchids bloom year after year.

Lovely Tulips

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Tulips are flowers that give off a lovely spring vibe. Tulips can be grown indoor in a water vase. Chill the tulip bulbs for 4 weeks before growing and blooming it in the spring. Instead of the hassle, you can save time by purchasing pre-chilled bulbs. Tulips in the house will bloom longer, as in cold weather the flower only last 1-2 weeks.

Beautiful Hyacinth


Three hyacinth with bluish-purple flowers will effortlessly beautify your space. Hyacinth bulbs can be grown in a transparent vase filled with water. Only submerged the lower part of the bulbs in water, this will stimulate root growth. You can add small rocks to support the bulbs and keep them from being completely submerged.

Water Hyacinth (Eichhornia crassipes)


This plant may be invasive in some areas, but they ca be your go-to for a tabletop decor. It has leather green rosette leaves that are waxy and attached to spongy stems. The roots hold up well in water-filled vases like this one. They will produce purple flowers that grow in USDA zones 8b to 11.

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