Unbridled Joy: Adorable Horse Photobombs Maternity Photo Shoot, Spreading Contagious Smiles and Going Viral (Video).

When Amanda Eckstein and her partner Phillip Werner from Indiana wanted to celebrate their pregnancy with a cozy maternity photo shoot, they didn’t expect this would turn into a day to remember. They were posing for Kristen Zaffiro’s camera with their horses until one of them, a goofy horse with quite a personality named Buckshot, decided to steal the show in the most hilarious way. When Zaffiro asked the horse to smile, he surely delivered with the biggest and most infectious smile.

“Who knew when I told THIS horse to smile, he would,” the photographer shared on her photos in a Facebook post earlier this month, adding that it was the best maternity shoot ever.

The funny photobomb instantly went viral on Facebook with 138,000 likes, 323,000 shares, and 30,000 comments making people’s days all over the world brighter. And we can’t wait for a newborn photo shoot next, of course, featuring a beaming guest star!

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This Indiana couple decided to celebrate their pregnancy with a special maternity photo shoot

Image credits: Photography By Kristen

They wanted to capture the last precious waiting moments with their beloved horses by their side

Image credits: Photography By Kristen

But one of the horses named Buckshot had another idea for the shoot

Image credits: Photography By Kristen

He quickly picked up the joyful mood of the shoot, and when the photographer jokingly asked him to smile—he didn’t hesitate

Image credits: Photography By Kristen

Buckshot started with a small and humble smile but kept carrying on the photobomb

Image credits: Photography By Kristen

Image credits: Photography By Kristen

In the end, he stole the show with a wide toothy grin which made him look like he’s dying from laughter

Image credits: Photography By Kristen

“This photo shoot was so funny! I don’t usually take pictures with horses, so I didn’t even realize they could smile! The photo brought a lot of joy to people, I love it!” the photographer told Bored Panda.

Image credits: Photography By Kristen

Buckshot’s personality shined through during the photo shoot, but Zaffiro admitted they managed to take standard maternity photos after.

“Buckshot is a ham. He has such a fun personality. He loves attention, which I didn’t realize, so we kept feeding off each other (which is probably why Amanda is rolling her eyes in some!). But yes, he did stand still and pose good after that and we got plenty of maternity pictures.”

Image credits: Photography By Kristen

It’s not a usual everyday occurrence to see your photos go viral online, so we asked Zaffiro if she expected any of it:

“I definitely did not think they would go viral, I just thought our family and friends would get a good laugh! I was amazed as I watched to number of views climb. It is wonderful as a photographer to get a viral picture and attention to my site and page! So many likes and followers. I hope to do everyone justice with the newborn pictures!”

The hilarious photos instantly went viral on Facebook cracking people up, here’s what they had to say

Zaffiro said this photo shoot was extremely memorable and next on the list is a newborn photo shoot, which is very requested in the comments. However, we might not see Buckshot’s smile in the photos until the baby is older. Unless he decides to photobomb that one too!


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