Villa Style Garden Design: 29 Great Suggestions to Create a Green and Luxurious Space

This article today is a gift for those who love the free-flowing nature with the quaintness of an earlier time. So, if you love rustic style designs, you are in the right place. In this post today, we are so glad to share 29 beautiful cottage-style garden ideas to create your own garden. We believe that your friends and family will enjoy the pretty, old-fashioned look of your garden. Are you want to spend your time checking them out with us. Here we go!

Giving them a look, they are so beautiful, right? Each has its own appeal. The beauty is derived from wildflower type to pretty gates, arbors, or fences, all are combined perfectly in each design here. What is more, you can repurpose vintage items in right your house like ladders, tables, chairs, and rusted parts to make a casual charm. They are perfect for taking a break and dining with your family on summer days or chill autumn days. So, don’t hesitate, if you love these designs here, save and make one for your garden right now.


#1 Wheelbarrow with Blooming Planters

#2 Dramatic Flowers Climbing on an Arbor


#3 Tiered Potted Roses in Planters

#4 Double Roses on a Climbing Arch


#5 Hyacinths in a Birdcage with Vines

#6 Blossoming Vines Climbing a Wall


#7 Curved Path with Tall Flowers

#8 Display with Sign and Potted Flowers


#9 Curving Brick Path and Shady Seating

#10 Border with Three Colors of Daisies

#11 Planted Wheelbarrow in Lush Greens

#12 Hanging Baskets on the Gate


#13 Wooden Gate with Tall Blossoms

#14 Potting Bench with Reclaimed Door


#15 Bench and Arbor with Climbing Roses

#16 Aging Gracefully with Potted Geraniums


#17 Circular Lily Pond with Tall Plants

#18 Fantasy Gazebo with Wild Gardens


#19 Elegant Dining Table Surrounded by Flowers

#20 Bright Painted Fence with Rainbow Flowers


#21 Overflowing Window Boxes with Tall Flowers

#22 Petunias Overflowing from a Tilted Planter


#23 Tall Border with Roses and Snapdragons

#24 Shady Garden Dining Corner with Vines


#25 Old Pots and Pans as Planters

#26 Barrel of Petunias by the Bird Feeder


#27 Bicycle Baskets Overflowing with Blossoms

#28 White Picket Fence with Arch


#29 Ladder Plant Stand with Birdhouses


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