“Bring money for your son’s feeding, you refused, see your life” – Portable’s 3rd babymama trolls him over his arrest

“Bring money for your son’s feeding, you refused, see your life” – Portable’s 3rd babymama trolls him over his arrest

Habeeb Okikiola, famously known as Portable, has once again found himself in the midst of legal turmoil, and this time, his troubles are compounded by the scorn of his former partner, Honey Berry, also known as Keji.

Portable's 2nd Baby Mama Reveals He Beats Her, Spills Dirty Secrets: “For 4  Months, You Haven't Fed Your Son” - Legit.ng

News broke of Portable’s arrest by the Lagos State Police Command, stemming from an alleged failure to settle a debt amounting to N14 million with a local car dealer. The debt purportedly originated from Portable’s purchase of a G-Wagon, with only a partial payment of N13 million made, citing vehicle faults as grounds for withholding the remaining balance.

Portable Reacts To 2nd Baby Mama Allegations Against Him - New Telegraph

As Portable faces the ramifications of his financial entanglements, Honey Berry took to TikTok to publicly deride him. In a video shared on her page, she didn’t shy away from ridiculing him, recounting her own experiences, including a refusal to provide their son’s basic needs, juxtaposing it with Portable’s current predicament.

Singer Portable fires back at babymama over 'deadbeat' - The Nation  Newspaper

This public spat not only adds another layer of complexity to Portable’s legal battles but also sheds light on the personal dynamics within his relationships. Honey Berry’s unabashed mockery underscores the tumultuous nature of their past and perhaps hints at lingering resentments.

Portable Publicly Begs Davido For Music Collaboration - Daily Trust

As Portable grapples with the fallout from his latest legal entanglement, the public’s gaze remains fixated on his every move, with speculation rife about the potential implications for his career and personal life. In this ongoing saga, the intertwined narratives of legal strife and personal drama continue to captivate audiences, leaving many wondering what lies ahead for Portable and those connected to him.

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