Gordon Ramsay Teases Having Another Baby with Wife Tana: ‘Could Be One More on the Way’

The 56-year-old celebrity chef, already a father of five, dropped some hints about possibly expanding his family while speaking about his latest TV project

Gordon Ramsay has fans excited that he might have a new little sous-chef on the way.

The 56-year-old celebrity chef, who already is a dad of five, joined Jamie Theakston and Amanda Holden on Heart Breakfast Tuesday — ostensibly to discuss his upcoming latest TV project, Next Level Chef, a cooking program with fellow kitchen wizard Paul Ainsworth.

The radio conversation took a turn, however, when Theakston made a query about how many children Ramsay has.

“Last time I looked, there was five,” Ramsay answered, then added: “There could be one more on the way.”

Both Theakston and Holden reacted with shock: “What?”

“Tana’s jeans aren’t fitting her,” Ramsay replied, deadpan.

“Is it Christmas, or is it a baby?” Holden exclaimed.


“I’m going to Boots on the way back from here and I’ll double check,” Gordon noted, presumably alluding to picking up a home pregnancy test from the local drugstore.

When pressed further, Ramsay admitted his wife isn’t averse to the idea of another child, but that he himself isn’t on board. “Tana would like another baby and I’m like, ‘no no no’,” he stated.

He cited the reasoning that he’s already on the older side in relation to his youngest kid, 3-year-old son Oscar. “It’s already hard enough when I take Oscar to school, ‘Hey what’s your grandad’s name?’”

But it seems it is just a joke — or some wishful thinking — as a source has confirmed to PEOPLE that the couple is not actually expecting.

The Ramsays, who celebrated their 26th anniversary on Dec. 21, 2022, are also parents to Megan, 24, HollyAnna 22, Jack, 22, and Tilly, 21.

Ramsay told PEOPLE last November that his three daughters help him run his TikTok account, and that they are “the best influencers on the planet.”

“My biggest critics are my daughters. They say, ‘Dad, that’s a sh– idea.’ ‘Dad, that is a really cool idea.’ ‘Dad, no, you got to stop doing that.”

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