Introducing Frederik the Great: Heralded as the World's Most Stunning Horse (Photos & Video)

Introducing Frederik the Great: Heralded as the World’s Most Stunning Horse (Photos & Video)


Allow us to introduce Frederick the Great, a magnificent Friesian horse hailing from the Ozarks in the Central US. Widely acclaimed as the most handsome stud in the world, Frederick’s allure knows no bounds. This stunning equine, named after the historical 18th-century Prussian monarch, has captured the hearts of countless admirers with his luscious curly mane and sleek, pitch-black coat.

Now a distinguished 19-year-old stallion, first gained international fame in 2016 when his photos began circulating online. Since then, fanbase has skyrocketed, boasting an impressive followers his Facebook page. Prepare to be enchanted by the sheer magnificence of this extraordinary creature:

1. Encounter Frederik The Great, renowned globally as one of the most breathtaking horses alive. Esteemed by both online communities and judges alike, he is hailed for his power, elegance, beauty, nobility, and captivating presence. Originating from a lineage of performance Friesians, he excels in robust gaits and commanding trots.

SOURCE: Cally Matherly

2. It’s nearly impossible to overlook the sheer magnificence of a horse. Even individuals unfamiliar with horses acknowledge their extraordinary and awe-inspiring appeal.

SOURCE: Cally Matherly

3.Frederik embodies the term “gentle giant,” possessing a temperament akin to that of a Labrador but in hooves.

SOURCE: Cally Matherly

4. As a stallion, his progeny inherit his impressive height, exceptional performance capabilities, delightful temperament, perfect conformation, excellent gaits, seamless transitions, a strong black gene, and an abundance of luxurious hair!

image 97

SOURCE: Cally Matherly / Frederik The Great

5.He is indeed an exceptionally rare and extraordinary storybook stallion.

SOURCE: Cally Matherly / Frederik The Great


image 99

Cally Matherly / Frederik The Great


Cally Matherly / Frederik The Great

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