Ironman Actor Robert Downey Confesses that Lately, He Can’t Live without His Rescued Animals

Ironman Actor Robert Downey Confesses that Lately, He Can’t Live without His Rescued Animals

Animals offer emotional support to individuals who look after them. Robert Downey Jr., who plays Iron Man in the Marvel Cinematic Universe series, has long expressed a fondness for animals. The superhero gained to notoriety by exhibiting his kinder side with his dogs.

Robert also played the well-known Doctor Dolittle, a veterinarian with animal communication skills. It would not have been difficult for him; communication with them is almost a fantasy for him, but he has a variety of animals in his Malibu home.

He and his wife, Susan, adopted two cats who quickly became family members.

The names of the two rescue kittens obtained by the famous Hollywood actor are Monty and D’Artagnan.

Robert claimed that he no longer values his life in the absence of the creatures he has spared.

He rescued Moly, a black cat in need of a safe home, in 2017. After a traumatic past, he was given the protection and affection he deserved.

Moly is social and outgoing, and he considers himself fortunate to have the love of his family.

Susan said that D’Artagnan is often difficult to understand, making it impossible to tell whether he is happy or sad. Despite being classified as a drowsy cat, he gets along nicely with the other animals in the house.

The actor went on to claim that he was first hesitant to adopt rescued animals because he was upset by their plight, but he couldn’t stop taking them into his home permanently and now believes he couldn’t live without them.

In addition to cats and dogs, the Downeys have alpacas, which resemble llamas and are maintained as pets.

The actor’s home features large green backyards where the animals can play as they would in the wild.

People have been drawn to the animal-filled garden since it was built using sustainable materials and incorporates rescued creatures such as goats, chickens, pigs, cows, and alpacas.

After learning about animal abuse, Robert Downey Jr. became a vegan.

He lauded his wife’s ability as a producer during the Dr. Dolittle premiere, saying:

“She’s the most incredible creative producer in film history, and I make funny faces for money and chicken, even though I don’t eat chicken anymore.” “I’m adopting a plant-based diet,” he stated.

The actor founded the Footprint Coalition to bring together robotics and nanotechnology to help clean up the world.

His decision to become vegan will aid him in achieving this goal because livestock processing is one of the industries that contributes to climate change by producing the most plastic debris in the oceans.

Ruby Rose, who plays Batwoman in DC’s Arrowverse, is also an animal rights and environmental activist.

She became a vegan after learning about the inhumane treatment of animals.

“I ate something called’shark fin soup’ on a regular basis and had no idea.” When I asked if it was made from a real shark fin, my mother said, “Oh no, honey, of course not.” I was devastated when I discovered it was true, and I sobbed for three weeks.”

“It felt even worse because the sharks had only had their fins cut off and were unable to move.” That horrified me; I had pictures of them swimming around in the sea without fins, unable to eat any food.”

Fans of Robert Downey Jr. and all the real-life heroes who fight for animal and environmental rights applaud his activities and inspire others to do the same.

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