Karimot Expresses Anguish: Mohbad’s Wife's Sister Accuses Wunmi of Exploitation and Disowns Her Entire Family

Karimot Expresses Anguish: Mohbad’s Wife’s Sister Accuses Wunmi of Exploitation and Disowns Her Entire Family

In a startling revelation that has sent shockwaves through their community, Karimot, the sister of Mohbad’s wife, has unleashed a scathing attack on Wunmi, accusing her of callous exploitation and familial betrayal. Karimot minced no words as she declared her disownment of both Wunmi and her own mother, alleging that Wunmi has a pattern of using people and discarding them when she no longer finds them useful.

Wunmi, you are a user. You use people and throw them away when you are done  with them. I have disowned you and your mother. She is no longer my mother.  She is not a good mother- Mohbad's wife sister, ...

The outburst, which unfolded in a series of now-viral social media posts, painted a picture of deep-seated animosity and disillusionment within the family. Karimot’s words cut deep as she severed ties with Wunmi and disavowed any connection to her and her mother.

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“What kind of person are you, Wunmi?” Karimot’s initial post began. “You are a user. You exploit people for your own gain and then discard them like trash when you’re done. Well, I am done with you. I have disowned you and your mother.”

Karimot’s impassioned condemnation didn’t stop there. She went on to castigate Wunmi’s mother, stripping her of the title of “mother” and condemning her actions, or lack thereof, as unacceptable. The rift between the sisters-in-law seemed irreparable as Karimot expressed her profound disappointment and disillusionment with both Wunmi and her mother.

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The explosive nature of Karimot’s accusations has left many wondering about the backstory behind this family feud. While specifics remain undisclosed, the public airing of grievances suggests long-simmering tensions that have finally boiled over into the public domain.

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Wunmi, Mohbad’s wife, has yet to respond publicly to Karimot’s allegations, leaving many to speculate about the veracity of the claims and the extent of the rift within the family. As social media continues to buzz with commentary and speculation, the fallout from Karimot’s incendiary revelations promises to linger, casting a shadow over the family’s public image and inviting further scrutiny into their private affairs.

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