Lisa Vanderpump is a 'nightmare' says Gordon Ramsay before she throws shade back

Lisa Vanderpump is a ‘nightmare’ says Gordon Ramsay before she throws shade back

Gordon Ramsay and Lisa Vanderpump are showing they have electric chemistry on screen this May. As Gordon Ramsays Food Stars season 2 fast approaches, the two are trotting across the globe together doing interviews and throwing shade at one another. According to Gordon, Lisa is a “nightmare.”

It looks like Gordon Ramsay and Lisa Vanderpump are the reality TV duo fans never knew they needed. The two appear on Food Stars together this Spring highlighting their shared interest in the restaurant world. An all-new season of the show kicks off from May 22 and the contestants have their work cut out to impress both Chef Ramsay and Lisa.

Lisa Vanderpump is seen outside  "Good Morning America"  on May 15, 2024 in New York City.

Photo by Raymond Hall/GC Images

Gordon Ramsay throws shade Lisa Vanderpump

Both Lisa Vanderpump and Gordon Ramsay appeared on Sherri this May to promote the all-new season of Food Stars.

The two show off their on-screen chemistry right off the bat as Lisa opens the show: “I apologize in advance for anything he does or says, nothing to do with me, OK? It’s live.”

She adds: “I’ve just been with him for two months and this is live…”

Responding to Lisa’s comment, Gordon chimes in: “She’s a nightmare.”

He adds: “She’s hard work… three hours to get ready in the morning.”

Lisa Vanderpump fires back

Firing banter back at Gordon, Lisa said: “That’s not true. I waited for him every single day…”

She adds: “And, he wore the same thing every day. I was just like what is taking you so long?”

The two wind each other up on Sherri as Gordon describes working with Lisa.

He said: “It was a joy for us both to be back in London. It was like working with my big sister who was just amazing but the biggest pain in my a**.”

‘We actually got on really well’

Despite pulling one another’s leg for pretty much the whole Sherri segment, Lisa revealed the two “actually got on really well” filming Food Stars.

She revealed Gordon placed a live lobster on her head during the auditions, which resulted in her “almost having kittens.”

The English expression went down like a lead balloon as Lisa then had to explain it meant she was “scared” or “sweating.”

Sherri said: “I love you two together,” and to see Gordon “jovial” as many are used to seeing him being “ruthless.”

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