Saint Louis Zoo Welcomes Three Tiny Amur Tiger Cubs, Captured on Camera Within 2 Hours (Video). p.1

Saint Louis Zoo Welcomes Three Tiny Amur Tiger Cubs, Captured on Camera Within 2 Hours (Video). p.1

In a remarkable event, the Saint Louis Zoo joyfully announces the birth of three critically endangered Amur tiger cubs on November 13, 2023.

This marks a significant milestone as the zoo celebrates its first successful tiger births in over a decade, contributing significantly to preserving Amur tigers in North American zoos.

As the largest of wild cats and among the most endangered big cats globally, the arrival of these cubs ignites hope for the conservation of this majestic species.

The proud parents of the newborns are five-year-old mother Reka and eleven-year-old father Maxim.

Nestled in the serene confines of Big Cat Country, the family is in good health, with the mother and cubs comfortably settled in a private, tranquil maternity den.

This secluded space provides an ideal environment for the cubs to thrive before they venture into their outdoor habitat.

The early months of a tiger’s life are crucial, and the zoo’s Animal Care team is diligently monitoring the family through cameras.

Mother Reka demonstrates exceptional care, attending to her cubs’ needs by keeping them clean, well-fed, and warm.

In the coming weeks, the cubs will undergo their first well-baby check conducted by the zoo’s Veterinary Care team, during which their sex will be determined and named.

Julie Hartell-DeNardo, Kevin Beckmann Curator of Carnivores at the Saint Louis Zoo, emphasizes the team’s commitment to supporting Reka throughout this journey.

The collaborative efforts across various zoo departments demonstrate a dedication to the animals’ well-being, from meticulous observations by the Animal Care team to hormonal analysis by the Research Department, ultrasound training coordination by the Veterinary Care team, and dietary oversight by the Animal Nutrition team.

Reka, originally from Connecticut’s Beardsley Zoo, joined the Saint Louis Zoo in 2021, while Maxim, born at Peoria Zoo in Illinois, arrived in 2022 from the Indianapolis Zoo.

The Association of Zoos and Aquariums Amur Tiger Species Survival Plan guided the strategic pairing of these two tigers, which aims to maintain a healthy population of Amur tigers in North American zoos.


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