Singer Portable’s former manager, Stelliza passed away this morning in a car crash

Singer Portable’s former manager, Stelliza passed away this morning in a car crash

Controversial Nigerian singer Habeeb Okikiola, better known by his stage name Portable, has stirred up strong reactions after publicly celebrating the death of his former manager, Stelliza.

Stelliza, whose real name was Adeseyan Adedoyin Oluwatosin, tragically passed away in a car crash on the morning of April 19th. Reports indicate that the accident occurred as she was returning from a night club, leading to her untimely demise.

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In the wake of this news, Portable took to Instagram Live, where he expressed unrestrained jubilation over Stelliza’s death. The singer, known for his provocative behavior and statements, was seen dancing and making controversial remarks during the live session. Portable claimed that he had “blown” and reclaimed his glory, suggesting that anyone who stood in his way would face a similar fate.

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His exact words during the live stream were, “I have blown, I have collected my glory back. Person wey say I no go use my glory, the person will die and enter ground,” which translates to, “The person who said I won’t use my glory, that person will die and be buried.”

Portable’s statements have been met with widespread criticism and outrage, with many condemning his lack of sensitivity and respect for the deceased. The incident has sparked a debate about the limits of expression and the responsibilities of public figures in handling personal grievances, especially in the context of a tragedy.

Portable Survives Car Crash - BOSS98.9 FM NEWS

Stelliza, who had managed Portable in the past, was known for her dedication to the music industry and her efforts in promoting Nigerian artists. Her sudden death has left many in shock and mourning, highlighting the harsh realities of life and the importance of compassion.

While Portable’s actions have certainly drawn attention, they have also cast a spotlight on the darker aspects of fame and the complex dynamics between artists and their management. The singer’s reaction to his former manager’s death serves as a reminder of the profound impact words and actions can have, particularly in times of loss and grief.

I have collected my glory back" - Portable jubilates as his former manager, Stelliza  dies in ghastly car crash (Video) - Kemi Filani News

As the Nigerian music community continues to process this event, it is crucial to reflect on the values of empathy, respect, and the role of public figures in setting positive examples for their followers. The controversy surrounding Portable’s reaction underscores the need for more thoughtful and considerate discourse, especially in moments of tragedy.

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