Taylor Swift Talks About How Travis Kelsey Shows His Love For Her!

When it comes to his famous girlfriend, Taylor Swift, Travis Kelce seems to be unable to control his feelings.

In the Bahamas, the couple was recently spotted lounging in the Sun and spending some much needed quality time together.

Travis Kelce is a man who is incredibly in love, as evidenced by his most recent public show of affection.

Here are our top five ways.

Taylor Swift ADORES How Travis Kelce 'Isn't Afraid To Show His Love'! - Perez Hilton

Travis’s love for Taylor is evident to everyone, but there are countless more.

Although Travis Kelce wasn’t always so rigid in his feelings regarding Taylor Swift, he may have understood what he was saying when he said it.

The exuberant three-time Super Bowl champion seems unable to resist showcasing Taylor’s incredible qualities to the world and during their relationship.

The world is here to support it.

Travis has repeatedly praised Taylor’s extraordinary Talent, Beauty, intelligence and humor.

The fact that Travis is so amazed and proud of Taylor’s professional achievements is really great.

It could intimidate him, but Travis wouldn’t be.

Taylor Swift and Travis Kelce Dating: A Relationship Timeline

He Embraces and fervently supports Taylor’s career because he is so comfortable with who he is.

Despite the fact that Taylor’s next album, The tortured poets department, is widely believed to be centered around her six-year romance with her former partner, Travis respects Taylor’s need to create Healing Art from her introspective artistic process when Travis gushed to the reporter about Taylor’s upcoming album, it was clear that he genuinely liked it.

Taylor has to be really grateful for Travis’s candid support of her incredibly successful career.

Not only does Travis acknowledge Taylor’s achievements, but he also stands up for her honor when others try to undermine her.

Yes, Travis, that’s how you maintain the relationship.

Don’t hesitate to continue giving the haters what they want.

Too short a life, not to.

Taylor Swift was dating Travis Kelce long before her first Chiefs game

Out of all the times Travis has expressed his feelings for Taylor.

My two favorites have to be these two very different instances.

He seemed to tell her he loved her so much.

It wasn’t funny after the Kansas City Chiefs won the Afc Championship.

Another moment that stands out in my memory is the celebration that followed the Super Bowl, when Travis attempted to alter the lyrics to Taylor’s popular song You Belong with Me and Unleashed his Passion by posing a crucial question to her.

Yes, you already know that she loves you, Travis, but it’s still true.

Travis Kelce adores Taylor Swift’s delectable baking and cooking abilities.

In response to Rich eisen’s Instagram post featuring an interview with Travis’s Nfl coach, Andy Reid, in which Reed described how Taylor had prepared delectable homemade Pop-Tarts for the offensive lineman for the Kansas City Chiefs, he couldn’t help but make it known.

Travis said we got to save some for coach and reference to the video.

Travis and Taylor don’t usually reply to each other’s posts on social media.

Travis’s reply demonstrates how much he values Taylor’s cooking, as well as the love he shares with his teammates and coaches for it.

Additionally, Taylor Made Travis pregame cinnamon rolls back in October, which she also shared with his friends, demonstrating how much she enjoys baking delectable treats for Travis and his friends.

I was at his house like 3 hours before the game.

I’m having pregame meal and Taylor is so nice she comes in by herself and she’s so cool.

She brings um her homemade cinnamon rolls for Travis for pregame meal.

So yeah.

So I’m a juicer right now trying to be vegan and gluten-free and stuff, but I absolutely had to sample some of that game day.

Former quarterback Bernie Kosar raved about it in a radio interview.

Travis obviously loves food, so it makes sense that he would be so grateful for Taylor’s incredible cooking, so much so that it was just revealed that he is teaming up with friend and Chief’s teammate, Patrick Mahomes and Global Hospitality Group Noble 33 to launch 1987 prime, a steakhouse in Kansas City.

They want the restaurant to be a unique dining experience with award-winning football, delicious food and Community enrichment.

A few months ago, Travis also introduced a line of heat and eat barbecue meals under the Travis Kelsey’s kitchen brand.

Putting aside his business Endeavors, Travis takes his love of food very seriously.

In fact, during their award-winning New Heights podcast, he and his brother Jason Kelsey frequently engage in hilarious debates about their favorite foods.

I wonder if Taylor could make cereal at home someday.

It would probably become his new face.

When it comes to the way, an image is worth a thousand words when Travis Kelce looks at Taylor Swift, all the evidence he needs to know that he is madly in love with her is there.

Travis’s face lights up when he’s with Taylor, and it has done.

Since the day they first announced their relationship to the public back in September, Travis could not possibly contain his feelings for Taylor.

He is utterly enamored with her.

It was evident when they made their first public show of affection back in October.

Travis walked to and from dinner with Taylor beaming with pride and happiness, and when he made the last minute appearance on Saturday Night Live discussing the relationship for which Taylor had to sit out, he was obviously Overjoyed.

Travis also made headlines in November of that year when, during Taylor’s Argentina eras tour, she famously altered the lyrics of her song Karma to read: Karma is the guy on the Chiefs that man isn’t afraid to acknowledge and appreciate the love Taylor is giving him.

And when Travis gave Taylor an emotional Embrace on the football field following the Kansas City Chief’s victory over the San Francisco 49 in Super Bowl 58, it was clear how much he loved her.

Later that evening, as they celebrated the victory by dancing and belting out Taylor’s hit song Love Story, his affection for Taylor was once again evident.

A few weeks after the Super Bowl, Travis and his friend Ross Travis attended a Sydney Ais tour show.

During Taylor’s grand entrance, Travis proudly and sweetly nudged Ross Travis to pay attention.

This was another wonderful moment where his love for Taylor was evident on his face.

In fact, Travis is completely smitten with Taylor whenever he sees her perform.

Travis’s respect for Taylor dates back to the Kansas City Era Performance he went to in July, which is when they first got together.

That is one focused Swifty, in my opinion.

Watch our top five video to discover more about Taylor and Travis’s most memorable pre-marriage moments.

While love may be free, protecting the one you love, especially if they are the world’s most famous person, may not be, it is going to be very expensive.

It’s fortunate that Travis Kel is the wildly successful and endearing Nfl player that he is today.

Thus he could afford it when, only a few months into their relationship, he bought a brand new $6 million mansion, a step he took to give Taylor and himself more security and privacy.

Even though the purchase was within his means, Travis probably wouldn’t have made it if he wasn’t completely smitten with Taylor and was serious about the long-term potential of their relationship.

And Travis has other love related expenses in his wallet besides his new mansion.

He has reportedly given Taylor some extremely expensive and considerate gifts during their relationship.

In addition to traveling Ac acoss the globe to see Taylor’s record-breaking Aa tour in Singapore, Sydney and Argentina.

According to experts, the trip to Singapore alone might have cost over $500,000.

Travis makes it clear how much he loves Taylor by going to such Extremes in terms of travel, distance and financial outlay.

All we’ve discussed is how wonderful it is that Travis Kelce understands that happiness is the most important thing and that he’s never been happier than he is now that he’s dating Taylor Swift.

Ask his friends, family and teammates, they’ve all essentially been expressing the same happiness that Travis has felt since he began dating Taylor.

Dave Merritt, the defensive back coach for the Kansas City Chiefs, even went so far as to say in a podcast interview a few weeks ago that Travis was so happy because of Taylor’s uplifted spirits that it had a positive effect on their team.

So what happened, he asked, did she truly have a positive impact on the team?

Yes, it wasn’t a bad thing.

Everyone was happy to see Travis content.

Travis entered the room- a different man- because I find comfort and encouragement in my player, my brother, being happy next to me me, all right, so she really did assist us.

That’s a different man.

Hearing about how happy Taylor makes Travis makes me really happy.

Aaron Andrew, a sports caster and friend of Travis, concurs as well, and she may have played a role in bringing Travis and Taylor together.

Just before the two started dating she and calm down.

Podcast co-host Carissa Thompson had publicly urged Taylor to give Travis a chance.

Later Travis commented on their Instagram saying: I owe you to Big Time and appreciation for their support.

Aaron, who has expressed her love for Travis and Taylor on many occasions, once remarked: I’m so pumped about how happy she’s made Travis.

Most recently, Aaron expressed how much she wants Travis and Taylor to get married in an interview with e-s. we’re sorry, Aon, but you can be confident that the attention grabbing power couple will undoubtedly be taking their love to the altar.

If the way Travis looks at Taylor is any guide and if Travis’s recent remark on his new heights podcast, along with the cunning expression on his face, tell us anything, it’s possible that he and Taylor are already plotting the birth of a future Superstar.

I’m eager to find out if Travis’s desires to be a father are fulfilled.

I hope you had fun viewing the top five instances where Travis Kel’s love for Taylor Swift is evident.

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Let me know what you think in the comments.

I really appreciate you watching.

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