50 Best Tiger Tattoos for Meп – Top Desigпs iп 2023

50 Best Tiger Tattoos for Meп – Top Desigпs iп 2023

Are you looking for some tattoo design inspiration? These tiger tattoos will rise to your future ink challenge.

Tiger tattoos are deeply symbolic. From traditional to tribal, old school to new, full-blown sleeves to torsos, there’s a huge variety of tiger tattoo designs waiting to take pride of place on your body.

Here, we’re getting under the skin of the tiger tattoos meanings, styles, and the best body placement for your tiger tattoos.

Before putting yourself under the gun, get some ink inspiration with the 50 best tiger tattoo designs for fierce men and transform your body into a living canvas with ink you won’t regret!

1. Tiger Eyes Tattoo

A tiger’s stare strikes fear into its prey, making this popular forearm inking a powerful tiger tattoo design. It identifies its owner as someone who demands and deserves respect.

@joshjohnsontattoo / Instagram

2. Tiger Face Tattoo

Come face to face with the true embodiment of this magnificent but dangerous wild animal. The upper arm is the ideal canvas to showcase the symmetry of this big cat’s facial stripes.

@decrepit_ef / Instagram

3. Half Tiger Face Tattoo

The shape of this tiger tattoo design makes it the perfect forearm ink. Revealing only half of the tiger’s face symbolizes that there’s a whole other side to its wearer and one that means business.

@ffionsnell_tattoos / Instagram

4. Traditional Tiger Tattoo

This old-school tiger tattoo design typically employs American traditional tattoo styles and bright colors. It represents strength, wisdom, and bravery and is an excellent choice for a man who’s not afraid to show his true colors.

@joemallardtattoos / Instagram

5. Roaring Tiger Tattoo

The power of a roaring tiger tattoo is instantly recognizable. Focused eyes and bared teeth reveal an ink that screams masculinity, sending a clear message of someone ready to defend and fight for his beliefs.

@kylie.heslop.tattoo / Instagram

6. White Tiger Tattoo

Ancient Chinese legend tells that five mystical tigers balance the energy in the cosmos to prevent chaos in the universe. The white tiger is charged with protecting the West and possesses a deep spiritual significance. The tattoo design’s meaning is clairvoyance, instinct, and courage.

@bostonnickart / Instagram

7. Chinese Tiger Tattoo

The Chinese tiger symbolizes strength, power, drive, and achievement. Traditional Chinese tiger tattoo designs show a full-length animal in motion. Let your tattoo take pride of place on your legs, torso, or back.

@lozmatronn / Instagram

8. Korean Tiger Tattoo

A symbol of power and protection, Korean culture describes the tiger as the king of animals. A popular tattoo design choice for strong alpha males.

@davidjwatt_tattoo / Instagram

9. Japanese Tiger Tattoo

The Japanese tiger tattoos take inspiration from ancient art and Samurai culture. Often part of a large piece including heroic figures or mythical battles, these tattoo ideas are perfect for the leg, torso, or full sleeve inking.

@tommyktdragon / Instagram

10. Thai Tiger Tattoo

Thai tigers can be inked individually in sinuous motion or as two tigers facing each other symmetrically. If the tiger tattoo design features Thai script, it’s called a Sak Yant and becomes a prayer or guardian symbol protecting its wearer.

@lemondragontattoo / Instagram

11. Asian Tiger Tattoo

In South Asia, the tiger is linked to Durga, the goddess of War. Durga tattoos often feature the goddess riding a tiger, highlighting man’s ability to harness raw power to protect the pure and conquer evil.

@alienstattooindia / Instagram

12. Siberian Tiger Tattoo

Deadly predators, the Siberian tiger is white with black stripes, which lends itself to a bold black and grey design. Siberian tiger tattoo wearers are sure to make a statement. If you’re going for such a big and bold design make sure to care for your tattoo properly with a tattoo lotion.

@elapour / Instagram

13. Small Tiger Tattoo

Sometimes less is more, and a tiger tattoo design doesn’t need to be large to appear impactful. Whether detailed or minimalistic, small tiger tattoos are versatile and suitable for many parts of the body.

@chloemickham / Instagram

14. Tribal Tiger Tattoo

Heavy shading and solid black lines are key characteristics of tribal tiger tattoos. This tribal tattoo design is popular amongst members of elite armed forces as an outer depiction of their inner strength, pride, and nobility.

@house.inks / Instagram

15. Tiger Stripes Tattoo

Imbuing the wearer with a tiger’s sense of power and single-mindedness, the tiger stripe tattoo screams individualism.

@therealrichardhamilton / Instagram

16. Tiger Scratch Tattoo

This tiger tattoo design is not for the faint-hearted! Go for color to resemble an open wound or scratches to reveal something trying to break free just below the surface!

@ikova_ink / Instagram

17. Eye of The Tiger Tattoo

The meaning of this tattoo design is one of total focus and unyielding commitment.  It is no wonder “eye of the tiger” was the perfect theme song for Sylvester Stallone’s legendary boxing character Rocky Balboa.

@prelude_tattoo / Instagram

18. Sabre-Toothed Tiger Tattoo

This ice-age, fang-toothed tiger may be extinct, but it still has skin in the game. An artistic tiger tattoo design that is symbolic of a fierce and passionate nature.

@jessjamezon / Instagram

19. Tiger Butterfly Tattoo

A tattoo design’s meaning may be obvious or known only by its owner. The tiger butterfly tattoo draws together the elements of mental freedom and physical power to represent the strength of mind.

@holycitytattooingcollective / Instagram

20. 3D Tiger Tattoos

The 3D tiger tattoo has extra dimension and comes to life on the skin. It’s one of the most challenging tattoo styles to master. While a 3D tattoo is a showstopping piece of body art, it will tie up a lot of time and cash!

@lukalajoie / Instagram

21. Tiger Rose Tattoo

The rose is an emblem of passion and love. Combined with the tiger’s strength and single-mindedness, the rose tattoo design shows that its wearer is romantic, sensual, and a great lover.

@chrisdixontattoo / Instagram

22. Tiger and Lion Tattoo

Folklore may hail the lion as the king of the jungle, but Far Eastern culture bestows that title to the tiger. A tiger and lion tattoo design shows the lion’s bravery with the tiger’s power and ferocity.

@camilocolmenares / Instagram

23. Dragon and Tiger Tattoo

Plucked straight from Japan’s ancient artworks, the combination of a tiger and a dragon in a tattoo design portrays the opposing, positive, and negative elements of yin and yang.

@calvin_inksmith / Instagram

24. Wolf and Tiger Tattoo

Here, the wolf’s pack mentality and the tiger’s strength combine to create a tattoo design with deep meaning for someone who holds family values and protection dear.

@jassi_and_debiut / Instagram

25. Tiger Shark Tattoo

Tattoo design meanings run deep, and this tiger tattoo marks the wearer as a man with a relentless spirit and a yearning to keep moving.

@illuminatitattoostpete / Instagram

26. Tiger and Snake Tattoo

Good against evil, temptation versus virtue, the tiger and snake tattoo denotes a powerful struggle of internal conflict.

@dimdelgado / Instagram

27. Tiger with Flowers Tattoo

This tiger tattoo design shows the predator framed with flowers. The raw power of the tiger is offset by the flower’s fragility, illustrating balance and harmony.

@hyundo.tattoo / Instagram

28. Tiger with Lily Tattoo

The shape and color of this Far Eastern flower make the tiger lily tattoo design a perfect addition to any skin-art collection. Combine the power and fierce energy of the tiger in your chosen design and confirm your deep connection with Mother Nature.

@inkbydes / Instagram

29. Tiger with Lotus Tattoo

The tiger lotus flower’s ability to push through the mud to bloom is a metaphor for perseverance and resilience. The sacred lotus is in stark contrast to the powerful tiger, and is the quintessential tattoo design for today’s complex man.

@mr.jones.tattoo / Instagram

30. Twin Tiger Tattoo

Symmetrical opposing tiger tattoos originated in Thailand. Drawing heavily on the predator’s fearlessness and strength, you’ll often find this tiger tattoo design on the upper torso of those who regularly encounter danger, from soldiers to professional fighters.

@gb_kim / Instagram

31. Tiger Outline Tattoo

Thanks to its striping, the tiger is a perfect subject for outline tattoos. In a skilled artist’s hands, this tiger tattoo design will look stunning and create a statement piece of artwork.

@freakorunique_tattoostudio / Instagram

32. Gold Tiger Tattoo

In Chinese mythology, the golden tiger is the ruler of the four tigers charged with protecting the universe. When it comes to tiger tattoo design imagery, these Asian-style inkings are stylish and steeped in culture.

@nicojervis / Instagram

33. Dragon Tiger Yin Yang Tattoo

In Asian art, the dragon and snake are almost interchangeable. When combined with a tiger, the tattoo design meaning remains the same. Mythical beasts inked in a deadly embrace symbolize the yin and yang of life to create a tattoo for the spiritual man.

@dohi_tattoo / Instagram

34. Half Tiger Half Woman Face Tattoo

This tattoo design connects the human with the tiger. For a man, this tiger tattoo design may represent a partner’s strength, beauty, and determination.

@artbykennedyy / Instagram

35. Tiger Cub Tattoo

A tiger cub tattoo design can mean rebirth. It may be inked to honor a new arrival or herald a fresh start. The tiger cub tattoo lends itself well to either color or black and gray.

@dan_tattooer / Instagram

36. Half Lion Half Tiger Tattoo

The half lion, half tiger tattoo is visually striking and depicts the two strongest character traits of these apex predators; courage and power.

@inksterchad / Instagram

37. Royal Bengal Tiger Tattoo

While the tiger is revered in China and Japan, the Royal Bengal tiger rules the roost in Bangladesh. It ranks as one of the largest big cats alive today and offers a unique tiger tattoo design option.

@coffinfullofslime / Instagram

38. Yakuza Tiger Tattoo

Depicting mythical scenes from Japan’s feudal past, the Yakuza tiger tattoo forms part of an intricate all-over design. The striking detail of a traditional Yakuza-style ink deserves a large canvas such as the back, full sleeves, the chest, or upper thighs.

@horic_tw / Instagram

39. Blue Tiger Tattoo

Another of the five tigers of Chinese mythology, the blue tiger governs the element of earth and rules during springtime. This tiger tattoo’s meaning is fertility, and the reason for choosing this particular design may be highly personal to its owner.

@pk_tattoos / Instagram

40. Tiger Rib Tattoo

The rib area presents a large canvas for the tattoo artist and lends itself well to large detail-rich tiger tattoos. Be aware, though, due to the sensitivity of the placement, it’s not for the squeamish.

@szablasta / Instagram

41. Tiger Foot Tattoo

Not just a popular skin canvas for women, tiger foot tattoos are also cool for men. They give a wearer who needs to portray a clean-cut look to the rest of the world the opportunity to enjoy a hidden alternative lifestyle.

@krim_black / Instagram

42. Tiger Back Tattoo

Let a tiger tattoo design have your back! Guardians that drive away evil spirits and bring good luck, tigers symbolize protection.

@cbtattoos_ / Instagram

43. Tiger Hand Tattoo

After the face and neck, hands are the second most visible part of the body. So take care choosing your tiger tattoo design and artist. You’ll need to harness the courage of this fierce animal, though; the hand is one of the more painful areas to get inked.

@fabrizio_di_benedetto / Instagram

44. Tiger Neck Tattoo

The neck is a highly visible part of the body. Thanks to Kanye West, neck tattoos are now a hot IG and Twitter trend. If you are thinking of sticking yours out, you may want to consider a hand-poked tiger tattoo design. They can be less painful than bold designs needing a fill-in.

@darrylmullen / Instagram

45. Leg Tiger Tattoo 

Fierce big cat or small cute cub, the leg is a perfect skin canvas. Calf, shin, ankle, or full leg, these tiger tattoo designs are easy to cover up, a plus for men working in a professional environment.

@adamblakeytattoos / Instagram

46. Tiger Sleeve Tattoo

Tiger sleeve tattoos are perfect for showing off, especially for those who work out and have well-toned arms. A sleeve tattoo is a big commitment. It may require multiple sittings, so it’s a good idea to plan the entire tiger tattoo design for your full or half sleeve before starting.

@meagma / Instagram

47. Tiger Tattoo Chest

The chest is a popular placement for a tiger tattoo and a masculine way to show a powerful, strong, and courageous nature. The chest area is large, so choose wisely and adorn it with a tiger tattoo design to match your style and personality.

@emsyink_tattoo / Instagram

48. Tiger Finger Tattoo

To avoid touch-ups, opt for a tiger tattoo on the tops of the fingers and between the knuckles. A popular tiger tattoo design here is a mini tiger face.

@bengrillo / Instagram

49. Tiger Thigh Tattoo

Fierce, strong, and muscular, a tiger tattoo on the thigh is ideal for the man who likes to take charge. It’s a large canvas allowing you to go big, bold, and detailed. For a less sensitive spot, opt for the front or outside of the thigh.

@astartattoos / Instagram

50. Tiger Forearm Tattoo

The tiger is one of the most revered and beloved wild animal tattoos. Tiger tattoo designs are popular on the forearm, where they can be easily showcased and make a statement. Choose a style and design wisely to ensure yours conveys the right message.

@guinmtattoo / Instagram

Tiger Tattoo FAQ’s

What do tiger tattoos mean?

A tiger tattoo design represents strength, power, courage, and ferocity. It symbolizes independence and protective nature. What’s more, tiger tattoos are an excellent way to show your support for these endangered species.

What goes with tiger tattoos?

Tiger tattoo designs often feature other animals or mythical creatures, including lions, snakes, and dragons. In addition, Japanese-influenced designs are colorful and may include cherry blossoms, plants, and waves.

How long does it take to get a tiger tattoo?

A tiger tattoo design can be intricate or simplistic depending on its size, placement, and style. As a guide, inking a small tiger tattoo will take around an hour. A full-back piece may take up to 30 hours over several sittings depending on the amount of detail, shading, and filling.

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