A baby has a heart attack at birth. The baby in the photo becomes a true hero after a heart attack within a few hours of birth

A baby has a heart attack at birth. The baby in the photo becomes a true hero after a heart attack within a few hours of birth

His parents were told by the doctors that they must part with him because he has no chance of living, but the end was a divine one.

The baby full of red spots who suffered a heart attack at birth. The baby in the pictures is a real hero, after suffering a heart attack just a few hours after birth. He was left with a condition that could follow him for the rest of his life.

Meagan, the boy’s mother gave birth to him prematurely when the pregnancy was only 32 weeks. The doctors took an x-ray and noticed that the little boy’s liver was very enlarged and there were some serious problems with the blood vessels in the head area.

They immediately concluded that he is in danger of death and may bleed to death. The doctors intubated him and induced a coma so that he could operate if necessary.

Being much too young, they told his parents that they could not do anything and that they would let him fight this condition alone, but that he would most likely not survive.

However, a miracle was possible, he simply continued to fight and his body won after the doctors told his parents that even if he woke up from the coma he might not have developed hearing or vision and they might even have serious mental problems.

He is now 4 months old and is a perfectly healthy baby with the only mention that his whole body is full of red spots of different sizes.

“After the doctors gave us the news that he would not survive, they advised us to make plans for parting with him. I simply felt that I was running out of air. I wanted to run away because I could not make such choices. We expected it to end easily, easily, but he kept fighting and now he is fine”, said the boy’s mother.

The problem of red spots all over the body seems to have nothing to do with the heart attack suffered by the baby immediately after birth. As far as the specialists have realized, these are birthmarks and they represent another health problem.

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