Captivating Visual Spectacle: Unveiling the Extraordinary Majesty of Majestic Draft Horses (Video)

A Draft Horse is a large horse initially bred to be a working animal and perform hard tasks such as plowing and other farm work. There is a various number of breeds, with diverse characteristics, but they all share general characteristics of power, tolerance, and a docile temperament which made them essential to generations of pre-industrial farmers. Draft horses and draft crossbreds are adaptable breeds used today for a plenitude of purposes, including farming, draft horse showing, logging, and, recreation.

They are also usually used for crossbreeding, particularly to light riding breeds such as the Thoroughbred, to create horses used at different types of sports, mostly of warmblood type. While almost all the draft horses are used for driving, they can also be ridden and some of the lighter draft breeds are even capable to perform. These large horses are bred for durability and have been used for centuries to help humans achieve all kinds of heavy lifting and pulling. They are prepared to pull plows and carriages, and they were also the driving force and as we mentioned before they stand behind the logging industry before motorized equipment took over.

Draft horses stand out from all the horse breeds by their tall stature and notably muscular build. Generally, they tend to have a more standing shoulder, presenting more upright movement and structure that is well suited for pulling. They are favored to have broad, short backs with strong hindquarters, again best suited for pulling. The Draft Cross Breeders and Owners Association accepts a specific number of breeds as draft horses.

Below we are mentioning some of the most recognizable breeds from people all around the world:

  • American Cream Draft, Ardennes, Belgian, Boulonnais, Breton, Clydesdale, Comtois, Dole, Dutch Draft, Finnhorse, Fjord, Freiberger, Friesian, Haflinger etc.

We have talked previously about some of these horse breeds and their characteristics. They are easy to recognize because of their signature look with his huge hooves, large body, and gentle spirit.

Everyone thinks that the Clydesdale horse is the most popular draft horse breed in America due to their reputation but the number of Belgians in the United States surpasses all draft horse breeds put together. Draft horses are considered as an “Easy Keeper” breed. The horses are normally a pretty low maintenance horse. They only require to be feed on a regular basis and exercise every day. These are enough to maintain this mannered horse that will have a willingness to work.

Due to all these characteristics, it’s easy to assume why we can’t help but fall in love with draft horses. We have decided to brighten your day with some of the most amazing images to flaunt these marvelous horses.

1.This magic white horse’s head and neck alone are bigger than the average person.

2.The coloring of this horse is marvelous, and look at those fluffy fetlocks!

3.Even though the two horses shown in the picture below look so big and heavy, these huge animals are also very fast and flexible.

4.This is the remarkable stallion named Splash, one of the most beautiful Gypsy Vanners in the world. Look at those markings!

5.Pure Muscle is what you see in this Draft Horse.

6.The size contrast between this huge Clydesdale and this little donkey is amazing. The donkey’s whole head could fit into one of the Clydesdale’s nostrils!

7.No, that’s not a shorter-than-average person standing next to that horse. That’s just an average-sized Clydesdale.

8.The Ardennes draft horse may not be as well-known as others draft horses, but its unbelievable size, who is showed in the image, makes it one of the most charming horse breeds in the world.

9.Meet the famous Big Jake! He holds the Guinness World Record for being the tallest horse in the world. He stands at an incredible 20hh and was born in 2000 and weighs in at just 2,600 pounds.

10.The size difference between this Draft horse and this average-sized horse, might make you think it’s an optical illusion!

11.The roan coloring on this Ardennes draft horse is indescribable! We are speechless!

12.It is known that draft horses generally have gentle temperaments excellent for riding but it still demands a good bit of courage to climb up into that high seat! She is a brave girl

13.This photo is so lovely. It proves once again the strength of draft horses and even this Belgian draft horse foal is rippling with muscle and bulk. 

14.Finally an image of the legendary Budweiser Clydesdales! Warm Springs Ranch in Missouri is home to these gorgeous horses where you can even go and visit them in person!

15.This Draft Horse stands 6 foot over his tall family.



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