Discover the wonderful beauty of lilies in the home garden: Wide range of colors, sweet fragrance and great bearing capacity

7 Pretty Lily Flowers that Will Improve Your Garden’s Landscaping — Lily flower is an ornamental plant in the home garden that is very loved with a very touching aroma, this plant is characterized by its striking flowers and varied colors. In addition, flower resistant is also of the choices for gardens to be placed in the home garden.

Lilium Canadense


This Canadense lily has few flowers with a wide bulb. Compared to trumpets, these lilies looks small and elegant. The brownish orange spot on the crown looks perfect for the home garden. This plant will bloom from June to July.

Lily Purple Eye


The dark purple crown on this lily looks all over the place. Each plant will produce 12 flowers with beautiful colors and perfect for summer. Grow beautiful and perfect in the sun and place in a container garden.

Asiatic Lily Lilium Centerfold


It is an Asiatic hybrid with outward-facing flowers that can grow to a height of 45 – 60 cm with distance of 30 – 80 cm, crown with a white hue and a maroon center and there are complete spots with the shape of a trumpet flower.



Starlette can be grown in midsummer. Grows to about 3 – 4 feet tall with strong stems bearing 5, 10 or 25 bulbous petals

Lily Henry



This refreshing color with a fragrant aroma is a beautiful tropical plant to have, neat freckles line the petals. This plant can grow in moist, well-drained soil.

Lilium ‘King Connecticut’


The next favorite choice is Connecticut king, which has large, spotless flowers. This plant which is a symbol of purity and humility can receive full light to shade. If you are having this plant, June is the perfect time to bloom.


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