Emily Ratajkowski: Mastering the Art of Beauty and Blazers

Emily Ratajkowski: Mastering the Art of Beauty and Blazers

Lingerie model Emily Ratajkowski often wears a blazer with a stylish mix.

Emily Ratajkowski (EmRata) is one of the long-legged women who have an impressive style on the red carpet and in real life. If at events, she favors bold cut dresses, in real life, beautiful people love blazers. Vogue repeatedly praised Emily for wearing a classy blazer She wears it in winter and summer, mixed with dresses and accessories.

In the photo, the beauty shows off her street style with a burnt orange jacket, skinny jeans, wide-leg boots. Stylized earrings make her face more attractive.

She walked the streets with 1980s style, including padded shoulder tops, bra tops and sports cycling pants.

Emily wears a blazer that matches the skirt, combines the fashion of showing off thin woolen lingerie and sneakers.

The fashion of hiding pants and bare chest was conquered by her with a long blazer, snakeskin boots pressing on her legs.

The whole suit of blue-purple linen becomes softer when the buttons are left open, the belt at the waist is left open.

The monochrome style of the beauty born in 1991 with a black suit of the same color bag and sunglasses, accented with white sneakers.

At an event, she chose a white suit, accented with a stylized bra top inside.

Emily coordinated the aesthetic when wearing a white set, including asymmetrical mini skirt, blazer and strappy sandals.

The “Gone Girl” actor changed his mind with a floral blazer, cat-eye glasses and geometric earrings.

EmRata’s multi-layered combination with plaid suit, cardigan and strapless top.

The model wears a sporty style with a cap and sneakers when wearing a blazer and a wool skirt.

The beauty walked with her husband in a long coat, crop top, jeans and snakeskin boots.

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