From Cυteпess to Stardom: Pam’s Joυrпey to a Millioп Iпstagram Hearts Throυgh Captivatiпg Captυres

Those are pictures of @pamyeuoi, real name is Hai Duong, nickname is Pamela. Pam is the daughter of Salim (Hoang Kim Ngan) and her husband – Hai Long.

The million-like photo set has a fairly simple style, baby Pam is wrapped in a white scarf around her body, revealing only her face. Attached to the picture is a caption related to the mascot of the 2022 World Cup held in Qatar: “The World Cup is over, Messi is also the champion, but why is the mascot still here?”.

The main highlight is Pam’s “brand” square face with chubby cheeks, round eyes and cute expressions..LeNhung

The million-like photos of @pamyeuoi

It is known that the set of photos was posted by parents on the personal Instagram account dedicated to Pam on February 12. Up to now, less than a month, the photo series has reached more than 1 million hearts. With this result, Pam is said to be the first baby in Vietnam to have a post of 1 million likes on her personal account.

Salim was proposed by Hai Long at the end of 2021 and officially announced that she had a baby on the first day of 2022. About 4 months later, Pam was born. Having a father who is a young master of a garment corporation and a mother who is a popular hot girl, baby Pam quickly received attention from netizens.

Salim Family – Hai Long and Pam

On the occasion of the last Lunar New Year, Pam also owns a series of cute Ao Dai photos

Up to now, although not yet 1 year old, Pam has been one of the “child forces” who regularly stir up social media. Pam’s personal Instagram account currently has more than 90k followers, each post has garnered tens of thousands of likes.


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