Gordon Ramsay's wife told him they should have a sixth child while in lockdown

Gordon Ramsay’s wife told him they should have a sixth child while in lockdown

Gordon Ramsay has a full house, but his wife Tana is already thinking of the next addition to their family.

The “MasterChef” star revealed to Jimmy Fallon that his wife recently proposed that they have a sixth child during lockdown.

“Tana’s asking for a sixth across the lockdown,” Ramsay told Fallon while appearing on “The Tonight Show” Monday. “Because literally, two hours ago, our prime minister has just announced that we’re locked down now until the freakin’ 15th of February.”

On Monday night, UK Prime Minister Boris Johnson announced that England was going back into a full national lockdown — meaning schools would be closed and people would be required to stay at home.

Ramsay said that when they heard the announcement, Tana told him “we have good news.”

“I said, ‘What’s that darling?'” he recalled. “She said, ‘Tomorrow night, we can go for number six.”‘

“I have to talk to her,” Fallon replied with a laugh. “No, no, it’s just not fair!”

Ramsay also revealed that none of his children want to follow in his footsteps and become a chef, although he hopes that might change with his youngest, 21-month-old Oscar.

Gordon Ramsay Matilda Ramsay
Gordon Ramsay and his daughter Matilda in a 2018 episode of “MasterChef.” FOX Image Collection/Getty Images

“Oscar, in my mind, is my last hope of getting anyone into the industry,” Ramsay said. “Our eldest daughter is working in PR, Holly — our middle daughter — is doing fashion. Tilly is taking a gap year, Jack has become a Royal Marine. Everyone’s left the nest and nobody wants to cook.”

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