Happy photos of mothers giving birth underwate

Happy photos of mothers giving birth underwate

Kathy Rosario, a photographer living in Florida (USA), helped her close friend capture the moments of welcoming her child into the world in the bathtub at her home.

The mother breathed a sigh of relief when completing the “mission”.

“Pure happiness and a feeling of peace overwhelmed us as we waited for the baby to be born,” Rosario shared.

The character in the photo already has two sons and she decided to give birth to her third child at home with the help of two skilled midwives.
The labor and birth process took place for about 2 hours in a bathroom that smelled faintly of lavender. This pregnant woman gave birth very calmly.

The water birth method is said to have the ability to reduce labor pain for the mother without the use of anesthetics. In addition, it also helps the birth process take place faster and more naturally. However, doctors have warned about the risks of this method and advised mothers to get out of the water when they start pushing. Cases such as unfavorable fetal position, multiple pregnancies, too large fetuses or premature fetuses should not be used for water birth.

She decided to give birth to her third child by water birth at her home.

The pregnant woman leaned on a pillow and immersed herself in the water. Wet towels are placed on the mother’s forehead and chest to soothe the pain.

The little boy gave his mother an encouraging kiss.

Emotions broke out when she lifted the newly born baby out of the water with her own hands.

Surprised to realize this is a baby girl. She never had a gender test when she was pregnant with the child.

The photographer described the moment as “pure happiness”.

By this time the mother was exhausted.

She and the child were put to bed to rest. The father carried his son to meet the new member of the family.

She warmed her daughter with her warmth and gave her her first sip of milk.

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