“Jason Kelce Dispels NFL Comeback Rumors Despite Saquon Barkley’s Nudge for Another Super Bowl Run”

Jason Kelce insists there is no chance he will return to the NFL next season, after new Philadelphia Eagles recruit Saquon Barkley tried to coax him out of retirement.

Appearing on the Kelce brothers’ New Heights podcast, Barkley talked up his switch from the New York Giants to Philly, before Jason insisted that Jalen Hurts and the rest of the team are going to be ‘rejuvenated’ for another run at the Super Bowl.

After claiming it will be an ‘outstanding environment’ in the building next year, Kelce made the mistake of claiming it will be ‘so fun to watch’ – leading to Barkley jumping in to claim: ‘You don’t got to watch it, you know…’

Amid Travis and Saquon’s laughter, Jason replies quickly: ‘I’ll give you one piece of advice… before you ask me to come back, I’m not going to come back, I’m not doing it, nothing to add.’

Jason then imparted his piece of advice, which surrounded the brutal ‘tush push’ made famous by the Eagles: ‘Do not go down at the one-yard line!’

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Travis Kelce watched on as Saquon made his pitch for Jason to return for one final season

Saquon came on the show and started recruiting 👀

NEW EPISODE DROPS TOMORROW! @BWWings pic.twitter.com/4AfuTkWSuH

— New Heights (@newheightshow) March 27, 2024

Travis continued the conversation, joking: ‘They didn’t ban it, they didn’t ban it!’, referencing the NFL’s decision to allow Philadelphia to continue using their innovative one-yard line push for the endzone.

There has been plenty of speculation over what is next for Jason Kelce, just weeks after his emotional 40-minute retirement speech at the Eagles HQ.

Television appears to be the most likely route for him, with The Athletic reporting that ESPN are ‘aggressively trying to recruit him for their Monday Night Football program’.

Barkley is seemingly keen to get the old band back together after his arrival in Philadelphia

Kelce’s stock has risen exponentially over the last year – in part due to his brother’s high-profile romance with Taylor Swift – and their New Heights podcast was the most listened to show of any in the world.

Next month, the popular duo take their usually-pre-recorded show to the stage, performing live in Cincinnati at their alma mater.

In the past few weeks, tickets have been flying off the shelves with students and fans desperate for a spot in the stadium to watch the madness unfold.

Unfortunately for the Swifties, it appears Taylor will be unable to attend the show, as she begins the European leg of her sold-out Eras Tour.

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