On Thin Ice: Gordon Ramsay’s Alpine Adventure in Austria Amazes Fans

The ‘Hell’s Kitchen’ host, 57, posted footage from his vacation on Instagram Monday

Gordon Ramsay is having a great time on vacation!

On Monday, the Next Level Chef host, 57, posted a video of him taking on the ski slopes while away on a trip in Lech, Austria.

“Amazing Easter weekend in Lech ! Amazing snow and food Gx,” Ramsay wrote in the caption.

Ramsay was first seen in the Instagram clip standing at the top of a snowy mountain in head-to-toe skiing gear. He then skied down the hill —  moving from side-to-side as he showcased his impressive skiing skills on the slope.

As he reached the bottom, Ramsay turned around and said with a big smile, “That was amazing!”

Also from his Austrian vacation, Ramsay posted photos of tasty Michelin-style dishes he go to enjoy at a restaurant, along with a final clip of sauce being poured into a noodle dish he ordered.

Last week, the Hell’s Kitchen host shared an adorable glimpse into his family life at home as he spent a Sunday with his sons Oscar, 4, and Jesse James, 4 months.

Posting a photo of his boys lying beside each other, Ramsay wrote in the caption, “Sunday morning boys club! Happy Sunday everyone @oscarjramsay @jessejamesramsay ❤️.”

In the photo, the siblings were each in pajamas. Oscar had a look of concentration on him as he held an electronic device while his baby brother watched next to him. Oscar’s frowning expression led followers to point out how much he looked liked his father in the comment section.

“The frown 😂…seen that face before,” one person wrote, while another joked, “He must be playing Overcooked if he’s doing his dad’s face!”

In addition to Oscar and Jesse James, Ramsay and his wife Tana are parents to Megan, 25, Holly, 24, Jack, 24, and Matilda, 22.

Jesse James was born in November 2023. Ramsay, whose birthday is on Nov. 8, described the arrival of his youngest son “an amazing birthday present” at the time.

While celebrating the U.K. Mother’s Day last month, Tana, 49, said she’s been “blessed” with her six children. “Happy Mothers Day to all, and thinking of those who find today challenging, sending so much love,” Tana captioned an Instagram post. “I am feeling incredibly blessed to be Mummy to these incredible people x.”

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