Perfect choice for bonsai novices: Visit the trendy Peperomia Watermelon that makes a difference to your living space

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Perhaps the trendiest Peperomia species, Watermelon Peperomia is a fantastic tropical species for beginners. They respond well to some basic grooming responsibilities and add a small but stunning pop of color. Here is the brief overview of watermelon pepperoni:

Choose a medium-light spot, as direct sunlight will scorch their leavesGive them something to drink when the top few inches of soil feel dryMist them every now and then to help with moistureIdeal temperatures are between 18 and 26 °CThey don’t need to be repotted oftenAll about watermelon peperomiaThe fabulously fleshy foliage of the watermelon peperomia (Peperomia argyreia) has made it a household name. Its gorgeous green, oval leaves are adorned with striking silver stripes, a bit like the skin of a watermelon. These cheerful jungle natives thrive on the forest floor in parts of South America like Brazil and Ecuador.

In the wild, the watermelon peperomia can reach a height of 30 cm, but does not usually reach this size when kept indoors. Even if they “bloom” during the growing season, instead of blooming buds, you’ll only see a few spiky shoots.

Are watermelon pepperoni easy to care for?Despite being tropical plants, watermelon pepperoni are not high maintenance. As long as they get the right amount of water, they can be happily left to their own devices without getting out of control.







Watermelon Peperomia are great plants for desks or bookshelves due to their modest size. They also pose no danger to pets or children as they are non-toxic.

How often should I water my watermelon peperomia?To avoid a dried out peperomy, use a quick finger dip test to check if the top inch or two of their soil is dry. Then give them a good gulp of water until it starts dripping out of their nursery pot. Make sure there are enough drainage holes to avoid overwatering.

If you don’t soak your plants well enough, the leaves will droop, while too much water can lead to rotting roots.


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