The 13-year-old boy was born with a naturally crooked head and only returned to normal after 8 months but unfortunately passed away.

The 13-year-old boy was born with a naturally crooked head and only returned to normal after 8 months but unfortunately passed away.

The 13 year old boy came from India, who had congenital muscular lesions. The manifestation of the disease is that the head is not able to be supported by the muscles around the neck, so the head is hanging on his shoulders. This boy’s head is like this, his world is different from the other’s world, and his world is upside down.

Because the neck is soft on the shoulder so he leaned on, even the toilet, eat the most basic things, he is not alone, these things are not worth mentioning in the ordinary view, but he told his neighbors pointing to him caused great harm, he very inferiority.

His parents in order to be able to cure him, spent all the money inside the home, and went to the hospital a lot, various experts have been looking for them, but they could not cure him, his family is ready to take him home, but at this time, things are a little bit.

Although it was dangerous, his parents decided to take a risk. The operation had been done for nearly ten hours and the operation was successful.

The boy was finally able to really look at the world, and his family were happy for him.

From birth to the present, he has been looking at the world upside down. Now he can go to school like a normal child, or play with his friends.

The boy wants to live in the future with his family. When he grows up, he wants to be a grocery shop owner and earn money in the grocery store to honor his parents.

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