"The ugliest man in the world" has a "dream-like" life

“The ugliest man in the world” has a “dream-like” life

“The ugliest man in the world” has a life

“The ugliest man in the world” has a “dream-like” life

Monday, November 29, 2021 | 19:30
Dubbed “the ugliest man”, Godfrey is loved by many girls.
Godfrey Baguma living in Uganda, Africa is known as “the ugliest man in the world”, he is associated with nicknames such as “alien”, “man with snake face”…

Life - "The ugliest man in the world" has a 'dream-like' life

From a poor boy abandoned by his mother because he was too ugly, the man with a strange face lived a life more brilliant than many ordinary people.

In 2002, Godfrey Baguma’s life turned to a new page when he won first prize in an extremely strange contest, “The Ugliest Man in the World”. Since then, Godfrey Baguma’s name has become famous because of his very different face.

With this strange face, instead of having low self-esteem and guilt, Godfrey Baguma took advantage of his difference to make money. He attended events with the title “Uganda’s ugliest man” and attracted curious people to meet him. But not only that, Godfrey gradually developed his career, becoming a singer, speaker and comedian. He currently owns a series of hits, many of which are million-view hits on YouTube . 

Life - "The ugliest man in the world" has a 'dream-like' life (Figure 2).

Godfrey’s wives were all beautiful in appearance.

After many years of hard work and confidence, Godfrey proved to everyone his inner “beauty”. So it’s no surprise that this man attracted so many women around him. Currently at the age of 52, “the ugliest man in the world” has had 3 wives and 8 children. All of his wives are considered extremely beautiful.

Kate Namanda, Godfrey’s second wife, once said that although Godfrey was not a handsome man, he had a kind heart, was very intelligent and extremely attractive. When he first married Kate, the male singer confided: “She and I lived together for 4 years before daring to let everyone know. Before having children, I didn’t want to let the bride’s family see me, they would definitely advise Kate to leave me.” Unfortunately, this marriage ended even though the two had 6 children together. In 2018, Godfrey married for the third time with another beautiful young girl.

Life - "The ugliest man in the world" has a 'dream-like' life (Figure 3).

Children of “the ugliest man in the world”.

Godfrey suffered from a strange disease that caused his face to become deformed, rough and ugly. To date, scientists have not yet concluded whether Godfrey’s disease is hereditary or not. However, he said he was afraid it would happen when one of his daughters started showing signs like his father.

Life - "The ugliest man in the world" has a 'dream-like' life (Figure 4).

Godfrey Baguma was called “the ugliest man in the world”.

Despite his ugly appearance, Godfrey Baguma is praised by everyone as an inspirational symbol of life, overcoming adversity to assert himself. Although he is not lucky enough to have the same appearance as a normal person, “the ugliest man in the world” is still a great success and has a rich and famous life.

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