The whole world is dumbfounded at the video of a dog meeting a newborn baby with an umbilical cord still looking for help in China (VIDEO)

According to the Saudi Daily news website, the newborn baby was ruthlessly abandoned by its mother on the side of the road next to a trash can at the corner of Baiqtloha and Asmmoha streets, Muscat city, in the Sultanate of Oman.


A passerby captured images of Elly the dog gently grabbing a newborn baby with its umbilical cord intact. The dog then went to leave the baby in front of the nearest house and barked loudly.


Elly the dog found a newborn baby with its umbilical cord intact on the side of the road next to a trash can.


Elly quickly brought the poor baby to a resident’s door to save the baby’s life.

Hearing the dog barking continuously, the owner came out stunned to see the baby lying in front of the door. After that, this person quickly took the newborn baby to Sohar Hospital for emergency treatment.

Fortunately, the baby’s health is now stable thanks to the timely detection of the dog. Currently, the story of Elly dog saving a newborn baby’s life is spreading rapidly on social media and receiving many responses from netizens.

One netizen said: ” The dog is like an angel “. Another said: ” The mother is a heartless ‘monster’ who threw away an innocent child while a dog saved her life. This mother needs to be severely punished by the law .”


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