This amazing little girl has legs like scissors

This amazing little girl has legs like scissors

he circumstances of life are what make life not worth living. Imagine a child born with a disability and was declared by doctors that he would not live more than 3 years because of the dislocation of her femur born from her pelvic girdle. Even though this little girl is now 7 years and has passed all odds but her standard of living is a daily struggle for her because making few steps come with a lot of effort. Meet the incredible with legs like scissors.

The name of this little girl is called Selene. She was born disabled and her disability has caused a dislocation between her lower bones and her socket born called the pelvic girdle. This has made her two legs grow abnormally and appear as a pair of scissors. According to her story, after she was born doctors told her mother that her baby will not live more than 3 years but God being so good, she did not die at the age of 3 and she is 7 years now.

With the discrimination that comes with society against disabled people, Celine was also rejected by a lot of schools but finally, she has been granted admission into one of the schools in her village and she is aspiring to become a doctor.

According to Celine’s mother, her daughter was born with a rare condition called arthrogryposis which causes multiple joint contractures and stiffness limiting the lubrication of joints in ensuring locomotion. According to her mum, the only problem identified with Celine’s condition was her legs but later they realized that her back also has a problem. As she kept growing, her situation also kept becoming worse.

Celine mother says after she gave birth to her, many people told her that if she tells her husband her daughter is disabled, he would leave her. When the news was broken to Celine’s husband, he did not show any sign of disappointment but rather supported Celine and took her to the hospital for treatment. His husband was very supportive in caring for the disabled child. There were times that he took Celine to the hospital for her vaccinations. This was the opposite of what people had told Celine’s mother about.

According to Celine’s mother, it was very difficult for them as a couple who were newlywed a few months ago to encounter such a problem. In fact, it was a big challenge for them. They started taking their baby to the hospital and later, they ran out of budget since the treatment was very expensive.

Celine’s mother says it got to a time when they had to stop all that they were doing and spend much time with their baby because they knew she was going to die soon as declared by the doctors. God being so good, their daughter has grown past 3 years. Celine is now in school and she is very smart and concentrates on her studies very well. Before that she had been to about 7 schools but anytime they describe her condition to the school authorities, they refused to grant her admission.

According to Celine, she is learning very hard to become a doctor so that she would treat disabled children for free.

Celine’s condition keeps getting worse every day. Her mother has been told by the doctors that treating her daughter back problem will be difficult and the only way out is to seek advanced treatment.

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