Travis Kelce reveals Swift passionate the ‘world’s largest greenhouse’ in Singapore

Travis, Kelce reminisced about his trip to Singapore last week to see girlfriend Taylor Swift perform again on the other side of the world.

The Kansas City chief star is currently enjoying some time off after winning the Super Bowl in Las Vegas last month.

Kelsey flew to Sydney Australia to watch his lover perform last month, before flying back to Las Vegas to continue celebrating with his Chief’s teammates.

After spending time in Philadelphia and Cleveland with his brother Jason last week, when he retired from football, Kelsey boarded another plane and flew East to Asia.

Kelsey spoke about his trip in the latest episode of new heights with his brother, revealing that he was in Awe.

During his visit to the world’s largest Greenhouse, believed to be the cloud forest at Gardens by the bay, Travis said I got to see the world’s largest Greenhouse.

What about that?

I am a plant lover and enjoy looking at flowers and trees.

It was great.

They also have the world’s largest waterfall in the greenhouse.

It’s amazing man.

The layout of the whole thing is a tightly controlled space and everything blooms at the same time.

It’s so unique and so wonderful.

Hot as F in Singapore because it’s the middle of summer over there it was like a 100° outside

And then you have to go into this chilly 70° room where they’re just pumping Ac into these plants.

It was so lovely to go in there and hang out in that thing and see all the amazing plans.

So yeah, got to do that.

Got to see two amazing shows of the year’s tour, the last of the leg Taylor has until she’s back at it here in a couple of months.

Got to have some lovely Singaporean food and just catch the views.

The architecture is crazy.

They have that one hotel, the Marina Bay Sands, where it looks like a boat is on top of three pillars.

That thing is as advertised as well, cool as s. everything around that hotel is really really nice as well.

I was really surprised by the lighting on the street.

You’ve got the street lights, but then you’ve got the building lights, the bus stops.

Everything is just nice.

We don’t have that in America.

Everything over there is just high-tech and you can just tell it’s well planned out.

Asked where he preferred between Sydney or Singapore, Kelsey replied: oh man, that’s a tough sell.

I love them both, man.

I really love them both.

I want to see more of Australia.

I feel I got to see a little bit more of Singapore.

So I’m going to say Singapore was a little more interesting for sure.

I was only in Australia for a couple of hours.

Kelsey and Swift are now back in the Usa and spending some together in Los Angeles on Tuesday.

New photos and videos of Kelsey show him hitching a ride to the singer’s $25 million Beverly Hills mansion 2 days after they partied The Night Away way at a glitzy Oscars Afterparty.

Although the pics show a glum looking Kelsey in the passenger seat of a Range Rover, it is understood he was on his way to reunite with Swift.

As the pair enjoy some off time together in their busy lives, Swift herself is now on a 2-month Hiatus before the incredible tour takes to Europe, where she will embark on a grueling 4-month stint beginning in Paris and ending at London’s Wembley Stadium in August.

But for now life is a little slower for the most famous couple on the planet and it is understood they are currently spending time together at Swift’s La pad.

She bought the 7-bedroom 10B property back in 2015 and it has since become a national landmark, with the price rising to an estimated $31.6 million.

It also features a swimming pool, tennis court, Library, movie theater and no less than three living rooms across nearly 2 acres of land.

On Sunday night, the pair participated in the top secret Gucci Oscars Afterparty with a host of Bigname friends and celebrities, including best actor winner Killian Murphy, Billy Ish, Leonardo Dicaprio and Jennifer Lawrence.

A few hours later, Kelsey resurfaced with his Pals and a mystery blonde woman to head for lunch at Chicone’s Swift was nowhere to be seen as she continues to gear up for the release of her new record, the tortured poets Department, which is available able from April 19th.

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