University of Texas Revokes Scholarships of 5 Anthem Kneelers

University of Texas Revokes Scholarships of 5 Anthem Kneelers

In a move that has ignited controversy and debate, the University of Texas (UT) has revoked the scholarships of five student-athletes who knelt during the national anthem at recent sports events. The decision has sparked intense discussions about free speech, the role of athletics in social justice movements, and the implications for student-athletes.

The Incident

The five student-athletes, representing various sports at UT, chose to kneel during the national anthem as a form of protest against racial injustice and police brutality. Their actions were inspired by similar protests across the nation, including those by professional athletes like Colin Kaepernick and, more recently, Travis Kelce. The students expressed that their gesture was meant to raise awareness and call for meaningful change in addressing systemic racism.

University Response

The University of Texas, citing a violation of its code of conduct and team agreements, decided to revoke the scholarships of the kneeling athletes. In a statement, the university administration emphasized that while it respects the right to free speech, it also expects student-athletes to adhere to the agreements they signed as part of their scholarship terms.

“Respect for our country and its symbols is a core value of our institution,” the statement read. “While we support free expression, our student-athletes must honor their commitments and represent the university in a manner consistent with our values.”

Reactions and Backlash

The university’s decision has been met with a wide range of reactions. Many students, faculty members, and alumni have expressed outrage, arguing that the revocation of scholarships is a severe punishment that infringes on the students’ rights to free speech and peaceful protest.

A protest on campus quickly organized, with hundreds of students and supporters gathering to demonstrate against the university’s decision. “Kneeling is not disrespectful; it’s a call for justice,” one protester said. “These athletes are using their platform to speak out against real issues, and punishing them for it is wrong.”

Prominent civil rights organizations and public figures have also condemned the university’s actions. The American Civil Liberties Union (ACLU) issued a statement defending the athletes’ right to protest and criticizing the university for its punitive measures.

Conversely, some support the university’s decision, arguing that student-athletes, as representatives of their institution, should uphold certain standards and that the national anthem is not the appropriate time for protest. “There are many ways to advocate for change without disrespecting the flag and our country,” one parent of a UT student remarked.

Broader Implications

This incident at the University of Texas highlights the ongoing tension between free expression and institutional policies in educational settings. It raises questions about the extent to which universities can or should control the actions of their students, particularly when those actions are intended to address social and political issues.

The revocation of scholarships also has significant implications for the affected students. Scholarships often provide essential financial support that makes higher education accessible. Without these scholarships, the students’ academic and athletic careers may be jeopardized.

Moving Forward

The five student-athletes have vowed to continue their advocacy for racial justice, despite the personal and academic challenges they now face. Legal action is being considered, with the support of several civil rights groups, to challenge the university’s decision

In the meantime, the university is facing mounting pressure to reconsider its stance. Discussions are underway among university officials, student groups, and external organizations to find a resolution that respects both the institution’s values and the students’ rights to free expression.


The University of Texas’s decision to revoke the scholarships of five anthem-kneeling student-athletes has become a flashpoint in the broader debate over free speech and social justice in America. As the university navigates this controversy, its actions will likely have lasting implications for how educational institutions balance the rights of individuals with their own policies and values. This incident serves as a critical reminder of the ongoing struggle for equality and the power of peaceful protest in driving social change.

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