"Venus Williams Overjoyed by Heartwarming Gifts from Niece Olympia, Serena Williams' Daughter".

“Venus Williams Overjoyed by Heartwarming Gifts from Niece Olympia, Serena Williams’ Daughter”.

Serena Williams’ guarantees that her senior girl Olympia invests quality energy with the family. Other than the group of 4, Olympia imparts a nearby cling to her auntie, Venus Williams’. The senior Williams sister has forever been a piece of the family, whether business, party, or traveling with her niece. Since both Olympia and Venus are the senior girls in the family, their comprehension goes way more profound.

Olympia is busying herself these days with extracurricular exercises, learning new things, and investing her effort to the best use. The most youthful games group proprietor showed her affection for her auntie, which dissolved the hearts of watchers, and obviously, Venus!

Venus Williams receives an adorable present from Olympia

The 6-year-old is centered around workmanship, games, and building things without any preparation. Little Olympia is partaking in her Lego games and, surprisingly, fabricated a magnifying lens 2 days back when Alexis Ohanian took her to a children’s studio. Serena’s senior girl poured her ability, learnings, and love into her drawings, which she s𝓀𝒾𝓁𝓁ed to her auntie with an imaginative paper skincare item.

The young lady shows her adoration, as well, tenaciously as she shocks Auntie Venus with a progression of delightful drawings. Venus took to her Instagram story to share the inspiring signal.

She opened an official-looking packaging wrapped with high security. The seven-time Grand Slam winner opened it as she said, “This one is super, super special. There are drawings from Olympia. Let me reveal! I can wear this one. Oooh yeah!! Hahahahah!!!!!”

The first thing that caught the 43-year-old’s attention was a facial sheet-mask-shaped drawing. Olympia cut the paper in perfect shape and drew multi-colored horizontal lines on it. Venus immediately put it to her face and laughed her heart out at the cute and thoughtful gesture of Olympia.

The tennis champion often points out the similarities between her and her niece. Venus even shared a particular quality that she thought the 6-year-old would inherit.

Serena Williams’ sister boasts about Olympia inheriting her qualities

The two-time US Open champion had always thought that her elder niece resembled herself. Over a year ago, when the Williams sisters and Olympia vacationed in Europe, Venus posted a picture of herself with her niece, in which the former World No.1 is lost in Olympia’s thoughts, as her expression screamed her love for the little one.

Venus thought that Olympia looked just like her in the picture. Around the same time, the aunt-niece duo took a soothing walk on the dock. The loving aunt posted the picture on her Instagram, with their backs facing the camera. Venus prophesized that her niece was going to be as tall as her when she grew up.

The ‘EleVen’ founder even joked that Adira River, the younger daughter of Serena, be named Venus. When a fan asked what name she would suggest, the 43-year-old said ‘Venus’ would be the best. These are only a few incidents where ‘Aunt Venus’ displayed her love and affection towards her adorable nieces.


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