15 ways to design the entrance to the garden to create a beautiful and impressive outdoor space

A gated arbor creates a grand entrance to your garden or yard. The structure itself adds beauty and height, while an arbor gate brings a sense of security. Distinguish the entryway to your yard with one of these gorgeous gated arbor ideas.

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Gated Arbor Ideas

An arbor gate can be practical as well as decorative. These tall garden structures serve as a marker that directs visitors toward the opening in a fence or wall. Outfitted with lantern-style outdoor sconces, the gated arbor also helps light the way at night for added security and visibility.


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Gated Arbor Doorway

Define a garden or an outdoor room within your landscape with a gated arbor. Here, lattice panels surround a garden filled with gorgeous blooms and a bench for relaxing. The arbor with a gate serves as the doorway into the room, providing an impressive entrance that matches the beauty inside.


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Gated Arbor Ideas for Small Yards

Use gated arbor ideas to add prominence to an inconspicuous area of your yard. Here, a white arbor with a gate provides a charming entryway for a narrow side yard. A brick pathway with colorful flowers on each side creates an inviting look in the small space.


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Metal Arbor with Gate


For a sturdy weather-resistant gated arbor, choose steel. Here, the arbor with gate is finished with a powder coat for durability and a sleek look. The addition of climbing vines helps to soften up the metallic look. The low gate separates the garden from the rest of the yard but still beckons for visitors to enter.


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Garden Arbor with Gate

This arbor includes a gate that covers the lower half, allowing visitors to see into the garden. The gate adds a sturdier look to the graceful arch and trellis of the arbor. To ensure your gate works seamlessly, install it so the bottom is high enough to avoid any obstructions.


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Fence Gate Arbor

An oversized arbor adds dramatic appeal to simple fence designs. This white picket fence has charm on its own, but the addition of an arbor over the gate takes it to new heights. Designed with two stately pillars and an arched top, the gated arbor brings traditional elegance to this humble country garden.


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Backyard Gated Arbor

In this backyard, heavy greenery and tall lattice panels are accented with an arbor gateway. Blend your arbor gate into its surroundings by matching it with other outdoor elements. Here, the top half of the gate mimics the style of the trellis, while the bottom half is solid and matches the white woodwork of the arch.


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Gated Arbor for Privacy

Gated arbors can provide the perfect blend of privacy and aesthetic appeal. Here, the wooden arbor and gate offer a passageway into the backyard while ensuring an air of seclusion. The archway and gate are finished in the same color as the fence surrounding the yard, ensuring continuity throughout the space.


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Cottage-Style Gated Arbor

Dress up your gated arbor with flowers and greenery for a cottage-inspired look. Here, a romantic garden gate and a rose-covered archway provide breathtaking appeal. The blooming roses add visual beauty as well as a sweet scent in the air. The wrought-iron arbor gate is painted white to add a light and airy feel that separates the garden from the rest of the yard.


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Matching Arbor Gate

To ensure your arbor gate coordinates with your yard, match the style and angle of the archway with the roof of your house. This arbor’s gable roof and strut frame connect to the house in the background. For more flair, bright trim offers a fun and welcoming point to enter the yard. The gated arbor’s dramatic entrance offers a little privacy while still making it possible to see what lies beyond.


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Cedar Arbor with Gate

Make the entrance into your garden a breathtaking one by adding an arbor gate that boasts beautiful craftsmanship. This cedar arbor gate separates the garden from the remainder of the yard, and the climbing vines offer a glimpse of the greenery that lies within. The impressive craftsmanship beckons visitors to come see what lies beyond the door.


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Arbor Gate Design

Tie your garden arbor to your home by matching the gate and the front door. Similar to the house’s entrance, an arbor gate invites visitors into your beautiful garden or outdoor room. This gated arbor borrows design inspiration from the house, using the same siding and a red paint color that matches the front door.


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Rose-Covered Garden Arbor Gate

Add color to your arbor gate with climbing flowers. Here, red roses add a burst of color on top of the white woodwork, providing a warm welcome and additional privacy. The gate and the fence share the same crisp white color and gently sloping design.


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Unique Arbor with Gate

Blend different styles to create an arbor gate that reflects your individual tastes. This arbor mixes classic silhouettes with subtle Asian-inspired touches. Large timbers make up the frame, square grid panels fill in the gates, and curbed knee braces meet the beams overhead. The wood arbor gate offers an idyllic gateway to the remainder of the yard.


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Ornate Arbor Gate

While this arbor is flanked by ornately carved panels that match the gates, the archway features a simple Asian-style design with clean lines and sharp corners. The arbor gate matches the fence to provide continuity. However, the clean lines of the arbor beautifully offset the ornate detail of the fence, creating a striking entrance to the garden.


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