Get creative with driftwood: 21 unique design ideas for your garden

Driftwood is unique and interesting accent decoration and preferred by many homeowners using for furniture and other art forms in recent years. Also, it also is used to create other types of decorations for the garden, and even some practical items such as planters or gates. In the article today, we’ve rounded up the 21 Creative And Easy Driftwood Ideas For Home And Garden that will blow your mind. From understated designs to large focal pieces, there is something you are looking for.

Whether used for the garden or home decor, driftwood is also quite durable, as it is a form of marine debris and has naturally been exposed to water, wind, and other factors which often condition the wood before use. Using driftwood also allows for an organic and natural approach to decorating both the outdoor landscape and home decor. When it comes to using driftwood, ideas for decor ideas are endless. Check them out to find the ones you love and turn them into your own versions!

#1 DIY Succulent Driftwood Design

Source: Debraleebaldwin

#2 Vertical Garden

#3 Garden Gate

Source: Prairiebreak.blogspot

#4 Driftwood And Beach Stone Wind Chimes

#5 Driftwood For Fairy Garden Idea

Source: Elowezil.blogspot

#6 Garden Edging

#7 Driftwood For Landscape

Source: Hgvt

#8 Driftwood For Focal Point In The Garden

#9 Classic Nautical Curb Appeal Idea From Driftwood

Source: Completely-coastal

#10 Outdoor Driftwood Bench

#11 Another Idea To Make A Focal Point In The Garden

Source: Jerseyshorescene

#12 DIY Driftwood Branch Fence

#13 Dry Creek Bed With Driftwood

Source: Plantcaretoday

#14 Driftwood Planter

#15 Driftwood Succulent Planter

Source: Flickr

#16 Driftwood Gate

#17 Simple DIY Driftwood Wind Chime

Source: Colorful-crafts

#18 Driftwood Candle Holder

#19 Driftwood Chandelier

Source: Twitter

#20 Driftwood Console Table

#21 Driftwood Lamp


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